Wednesday, June 04, 2008

tuesday spinning.... like i never have before....

so after getting repeated flack from fresnoakland (couJUSTINgh), i returned for some tuesday night racing. this week was scratch racing, which is pretty boring compared to points racing, in my opinion. i was planning on riding the Bs today for a couple of reasons: a) B is for Beth, b) wanted to get some practice in the pack, c) hoping mark patten would tow me around the whole night, and d) see a), and e) get used to some bigger field sizes. larry always says during check-in: "have a goal for tonight's racing", and mine was to: a) hang on for dear life, b) not crash, and c) get used to bigger field sizes and riding in a pack. i felt pretty satisfied with my goals.

so the first race was 30 laps that was crazy fast. i mean, i think i had ridden fast races before, but this was fast the whole bloody time. i would like to report that i think i have finally experienced the sensation of "spinning out." people seem to say this a lot, but i never know what they are talking about. up until this point, i never felt like i needed a bigger gear to keep up. but this first race yesterday, after 20 laps or so spinning so much, i just couldn't keeping spinning so much to stay with the pace, and then slipped off the back. i probably spent a little too much time bridging gaps early on, which i know now...but i don't think it really mattered much. it was just hard to spin so quick. after i got dropped with about 10 to go, me and two other dudes nearly chased back on, but then with 3 to go it picked up just as we were close and fell back off the pack. anyway, this was an exciting day in my personal track history because i reached a point where i probably could have utilized a bigger gear.

the second race was 40 laps and much more civilized and slow. i knew it was slower cause i had no problem whatsoever with my gear this time. going in, i wasn't really planning on finishing the race...just going to stay in until i got dropped, but that didn't happen, so i finished. my plan this race was not to spend anytime at the front at all...considering i got dropped last race. so i didn't. i also tried to stay in the mix as much as possible to get better riding with people. the funny thing about riding with B men is they are such gentlemen; "oh sure, honey, go ahead in front of me." "yes, please, beth, get on my wheel and i will help you." "oh you want in? okay, here you go!" and that is pretty much how it goes. i am certainly not complaining it is just kinda funny. well, basically what happened at the end is i was lucky and in good position. i am usually in bad position with 2 to go, so it was probably about time that i just happened to be in good position. donut king jumped with 2 to go. then i let some ICCC dude pull me back. as he was fading going into the bell lap, i went around him and jumped out of turn 2. then i guess i kinda led out john, but that was cool by me. i kinda got swarmed by everyone and their mom on the homestretch, but i ended up fourth, so that was cool. i knew i had to sprint early, cause they were all faster than me to begin with. after the race, brian peterson said to me: "good jump, beth". i would just like to note that the words "good", "jump", and "beth" were all used in the same sentence .... that is without an imperative proceeding it, i.e. "you need a good jump, beth". anyway, i will take that complement with a grain of salt because, a) brian peterson is very polite and kind, and b) i jumped past the donut king who just goes surfing nowadays.

alright, well that was some tuesday track racing reportage. major props to sabina for being off the front FOREVER in the second race. she was suffering good and didn't even flinch when i yelled at her: "SUCK IT UP, WOMAN!" it was a rockin' break for sure.


Velo Bella said...

ha! Glad to hear your second race went better.

When I heard you yell at me to suck it up, I thought, Jeez, she could have said so much worse, I got off easy!

chatterbox said...

You looked good out there! Good for you jumping in with the B's.

CyclistRick said...

What Ms. Chatterbox meant was "thank you for not riding in the C's" ;-)

Hey, it was fun to ride with you; and it has been a while since I was referred to as a 'dude'. You definitely got a good dose of big field racing ... at least by track standards.

twinkiepatissier said...

i instead of e.

Brian Peterson said...

No, really, you did have a good jump and a nice final sprint. Just a couple more rpm's and you would have held them off, you really got passed only in the last 20 meters and only by 3 testosterone filled boys.

Warren - she did a nice sprint.

I'm thinking that if you had white shoe covers you would have been faster. There is something about white shoes or covers that makes one feel fast.

Stick with the black gloves though.

alicat said...

me=picking you up at 5:00 next tuesday so i can stop being so damn girly and start racing again. you in? i'm gonna go wed. too if you wanna double up.
me=lovely photos of my bouquet at my crotch (thanks to you)
grandmother=requests that i say waist instead of crotch

Beth said...

brian- i have orange shoe covers, but i think they only thing do- according to hernando- is make me un-datable.

ali- i am not doing any weekday races until after AVC. (gotta prepare myself to get my sorry ass dropped by the big girls.) [i will be going down, though, on june 14&15- if you want to try match sprinting or TTs] glad the bouquet at crotch tip helped. can't wait to see the wedding pictures!


Save some for your Portland Races!


WarrenG said...

Orange=flair. Deb B knows the orange is right, and well-earned.

And it looks like the armwarmers aren't saggy anymore. Maybe they shrunk in the wash?

casual entropy said...

woah. your velodrome has nights just for long scratches? i've got so much jealousy.

i was filled with envy to see that the A feature in this week's races had a 20 lap scratch. Didn't even get to watch it - the rain pushed the features too far back and they were dropped off the schedule.

I like the long ones.

clm said...

>>the funny thing about riding with B men is they are such gentlemen; "oh sure, honey, go ahead in front of me."<<

HA! This didn't happen in the C race! Good job against those boys.