Sunday, June 15, 2008

mediocre weekend at the track, but some good practice

so, dearest oakland homie, laura, wrote a most excellent pescadero race report, which i believe is the best race report you will have read in the next three months.

so, i can tell you about my weekend. be warned, i just had a whole glass and a half of wine, and am TOTALLY WASTED. i just told my roommate betsy how much i loved her, so i must be drunk. she just brought me a big glass of water plus a multivitamin, so i wouldn't be hung over tomorrow.

well, this weekend did not go quite as stellar as i wanted. but i did have some good practice. i did some of the practice match sprints on saturday. and i sunday i did some TTs. here are some highlights of the weekend.
  • annabelle handed my ass to me on a platter in a loving way that only she can. and she just rules so much. she gave me a ton of help and rode each race different, so i could practice different things, and de-briefed with me ton.
  • then i raced lorraine's husband kelly and then mark rodamaker was messing me and let me think i could beat him, until he passed me and told me in the warmup circle how fast we went, and how in the heat previous race he went 5mph faster. then i felt like a big lame-o.
  • then i practiced some after the sprint tournament and learned to throw a hook. and by learn to 'throw a hook', i mean, invite the person next to me out for tea and crumpets cause i am a big sissy... which everyone knows!
  • then me and alicia went to di da (down senter rd) for veggie vietnamese food and it was an amazing filling $10 meal for both of us! (for those dumb jocks out there, that meant $5/person.)
  • then on the way home my legs hurt and were crampy and i canceled going for a walk with my friend, cause i needed to sit on my couch instead. and my legs hurt all saturday night and i sat around feeling sorry for myself.
  • sunday my legs didn't hurt anymore, but they weren't as fast as i wanted them. i went up to a big girl gear.....well, perhaps that more means teenage-girl gear, and plopped on the 84". whoooo.
  • except boo hoo, i was slower. lots slower. that sucked balls. well, the second half of my 200m totally rocked. and if my first half matched my second half, i would be jumping up and down out of glee. ...but low-and-behold, half number one was 7/10 of a second slower than half two, which is quite a lot....
  • so, i did a second 200m for shits and figured it would be way better. so did things different. but everything turned out exactly the same. so that blew chunks too.
  • then i put back on my little spinny gear and did a 500m and had a mediocre start, but not as bad as previous starts. i did pretty good keeping my speed up throughout and was satisfied with this time, 40.98. that means nothing to any of you, nor to me. but i will write it down, so i can document things for myself. but i like this race a lot...cause it is kinda like a 400m run, except about about 20 seconds less of pain....and that is always when the 400m got to be not so fun.
  • then i waited around a loooong time.
  • but i did get to talk to allison shanks, who is from new zealand, and going to ride the 3k pursuit in the beijing olympics! how cool is that, that she came out to this day?! she was very, very nice and i hope she kicks some major ass. she was really cool to watch too. and she had this trainer that looked like it was from outer space.
  • then i talked cece into doing the team sprint with me. despite some false starts and an early exchange, we did pretty well. this event is super fun and i hope to do it again. we rode like a 54.5, but they docked us like a second for all of our mistakes. whatever, not like that time means anything to me at all. i only did it once before with alicia and we buffed the start like it was our job. but, i really enjoyed doing the team sprint and hope to do it again soon.
okay. well, i think i am now hung over. i have a headache. anytime i drink now, i get an instant hangover. that is why i rarely drink these days.


twinkiepatissier said...

a whole glass and a half of... what did you drink? I mean, what drinks did he buy you?

Beth said...

my roommate, betsy, was drinking wine when i got home. she also made some lemon pound cake.

chatterbox said...

a glass and a half can be a lot if we are talking Long Island Iced Tea or similar. Maybe you aren't as lightweight as you think!

Oh, and who is "he"?

CyclistRick said...

some lemon pound cake

Soak liberally with rum and then you will cover all the major food groups: fat, sugar, and alcohol :-)

Laura said...

I think this all bodes well for racing this weekend.

Can't wait to come see you!!!