Sunday, January 28, 2007

early bird 4

Early Bird #4

Today I went back to Fremont for the 4th Early Bird. I wasn't doing the race, I promised my roommates! My wrist is still bothering me (especially when I am riding my fixed downhill), so I knew it wasn't good to do a race when it is still weak.

The mentoring was really helpful. We did some single rotating pacelines and I worked at slipping back in quickly. This was like what I did down Dublin Grade when I was riding with the Tieni Duros. Except now I know what is going on. Then we did this threaded paceline drill where people would go up the middle. This was a bit scary, but near the end I felt a bit better with it.

Carol did the race, but I didn't. There was a real big crash today. Carol got in the pile up, but wasn't hurt. I hope the girl is okay; she looked kind of young.

Next week is the last Early Bird. I don't think I'll do the race, but the mentoring is really helpful!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

second time is not a charm...

Early Bird #3

So after my really bad fall at the Early Birds two weeks ago, I braved it up and went back out there. I definitely couldn't go back last week cause my face was a mess still, but I am looking better so thought it best to face my fears.

I didn't know if I would try the race or not, but figured I would do the mentoring at least. It went great, and I was surprised how good I felt. So, I figured I would do the race just for ease my mind that I can do this. It all started fine and I was surprised I could keep up with the group, considering I hadn't been on my bike in two weeks. I could tell, though, that I was a bit out of shape. Anyway, 2 laps to go and I was feeling really happy and thought: I'm safe. I thought too soon. On the back stretch of the course I crashed. I am not really sure what happened, it was a straight away and some woman just rammed me from the side and took me down. I definitely know this was not my fault because the mentor was kind of baffled and said so. But, if I was a stronger biker who can hold her own, I probably could have taken the ram. I need to learn defensive biking for sure and pushing back.

Long story short is I biked back to the start. My derailleur hanger needed bent back, but other than that the bike was okay. YEAH for steel! As for me, well, my wrist was really swollen, so probably sprained. Also, a bit of road rash, but I was wearing a long shirt and pants, so that was good. Taitt Sato came up to me and felt really bad that I fell on my second race as well as my first...but, hey, that is part of it I know. All in all, this crash wasn't too bad. It is good to know that all crashes aren't serious.

I think I'll come back to the 4th and 5th Early Bird, but just do the training session. I don't know if I can handle a third crash this month! For sure, I know my boss can't!

Friday, January 12, 2007

wound care

I think seeing my face improve makes me an expert in wound care. Here are some pointers.

  • Keep your wound moist and wet. Use anti-bacterial cream/neosporin
  • Keep your wound covered at all times. Change twice a day
  • Wash with soap and water - Ivory is a nice, gentle soap
  • Eat lots of protein. Mmmmm Protein shakes
  • Also be sure to take Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. This all helps you heal faster.
  • "Dry out" your wound and let it "air out." That is bad for wound healing. Keep is moist and dry and covered
  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide. This is good for breaking up dried blood, but it actually kills tissue growth.
Heal fast like me!

Tuesday: Wednesday:

I think it is pretty amazing how quickly I healed with proper wound care! (And just being superhuman....) Moral of the story: keep it covered. (and be gross and don't ever change your clothes.)

Monday, January 08, 2007

i don't have a face

Early Bird #1

I had a crash in the early birds yesterday. i was pretty bummed because I was feeling really good pack riding and thought I was doing a good job...but guess not!

I took BART to the race/session. There were probably about 50 people there, which was awesome! We had an hour of mentoring where we working on taking a good line through the corners, riding over bot-dots, and pacelines. I felt pretty good here. The mentors were very nice. Anyway, I wish I could tell you something about the race, but it is all a dream-like blur. During the race I tried to stay near the front part and thought I was doing pretty well...the next thing I remember I was sitting in van waiting to go the ER.

Thank you to everyone for your help. I wish I could remember all, but Taitt Sato (I went to one of her clinics this fall) sat with me for awhile. Fred, Don, and Alice all took me to the hospital and were extremely nice, despite my state of delirium. I bet I was talking about some pretty stupid stuff.

on the way to the hospital:

Them: What's the date?
Me: I dunno.
Them: January 7th.
Me: January 7th? Shit-- I don't remember Christmas.

Good thing I had my priorities in line.

I can't remember the crash, but they say someone fell in front of me and I hit her and landed right on my face. Let me tell you, I am looking H-O-T-T-T-T. I realized what an idiot I was when i was in the ER and I flirting with some ER technician...and then I realized what I looked like. Good one, Beth.

Here are the specs:
  • 12 stitches in my face
  • totally fucked up teeth. as in, i have an underbite. i need to push them back with a popsicle stick. i'll be on soft food for awhile...mmm, ensure and baby food.
  • right eye is nearly swollen shut
  • can't remember what happened - bit of short term memory loss. sucks, cause i need to get a new helmet now.
Here's the day after picture! (looking much better already!)