Sunday, January 28, 2007

early bird 4

Early Bird #4

Today I went back to Fremont for the 4th Early Bird. I wasn't doing the race, I promised my roommates! My wrist is still bothering me (especially when I am riding my fixed downhill), so I knew it wasn't good to do a race when it is still weak.

The mentoring was really helpful. We did some single rotating pacelines and I worked at slipping back in quickly. This was like what I did down Dublin Grade when I was riding with the Tieni Duros. Except now I know what is going on. Then we did this threaded paceline drill where people would go up the middle. This was a bit scary, but near the end I felt a bit better with it.

Carol did the race, but I didn't. There was a real big crash today. Carol got in the pile up, but wasn't hurt. I hope the girl is okay; she looked kind of young.

Next week is the last Early Bird. I don't think I'll do the race, but the mentoring is really helpful!

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