Thursday, February 15, 2007

you know you are a little out of whack when....

your friend knits you leg warmers and has to expand them three rows because you calves are so friggin' big.

definitely glad i'm not a hipster cause those skinny leg pants would be impossible to wear.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

...followed by a bitter week.

Monday I woke up to do some downhill repeats on my fixie. I could only do a couple cause my wrist was still swollen and it hurt to break. I just went home.

Tuesday I decided to show up at Team Oakland's Port ride. I heard it was a fixe ride in the winter, so I rolled up with my 68" gearing...and everyone was on their road bikes. Shit. I about blew my brains out spinning so fast for so long, jumping on the pack, falling off in about 20 meters, and then just busting my ass. I was spinning so fast for so long. I went home and fell asleep at 9.........

Wednesday I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor for my fractured finger. I figured I'd ask about my "swollen wrist" ....only to find out that MY WRIST IS FRACTURED!

Conversation went like this:

Dr. Hayne: You have a hairline fracture in your wrist.
Beth: No I don't!
Dr. Hayne: You want to look at it?
Beth: Yes. (As if I can read an x-ray....)
Dr. Hayne: How didn't you know it was broke. It has been three weeks!
Beth: It didn't hurt that bad.
Dr. Hayne: (Disapproving head shake)
Beth is getting her cast on.... orange of course. Except it is kind of crossing-guard orange....
Dr. Hayne (to technician putting on my cast): A lot of people say they have high pain tolerances. This one really does. In fact, I don't think she has any feelings at all.

Any feelings?! C'mon! That is just a critique on my character. But Dr. Hayne is cool. Well, 6 weeks of a cast. :( I am pretty bumming. I guess that means I'm off the bike....

Monday, February 05, 2007

a sweet weekend.....

Hellyer Saturday- Beginner Session and Intermediate Practice Race
In the morning, I went to the track for Terry's Saturday beginner session- it was crowded and I got put on a 48cm (I ride a 54cm) - so I had a bit of a hard time with sizing, but it was okay. Myra and Reese and Alice came, so that was really awesome! Fred was the mechanic for the whole track. Myra had a great time on her new bike, so that was cool! It fits her so well and it was a pleasure to watch her ride so fast on it. This is my fifth Saturday session, so there are some familiar faces, which is cool. I am very excited for racing on the track this year.

I was at the track all day today. I stuck around for the afternoon intermediate practice track race. Keith was leading it. Myra, Reese, Alice, and Fred all stuck around to watch, which was nice. Also, Buffie was there, so it was great to see her again! I had been riding with her at the beginner sessions and she has been so helpful to me. We did several practice races today: the scratch race, points race, win 'n out, team pursuit, and women's sprint race. It was awesome and let me just say: TRACK RACING IS SO COOL! Well, i didn't do awesome, and realized what not to do in a points race as I made a dash for the second sprint to get points, then tried to bridge up to the top two riders, pulling the whole pack, and then had a rough last couple of laps....oops. But, all in all, it was good experience and I can't wait to figure it all out more!

Sunday, Early Bird #5
Sunday I went to the last Early Bird, did the training session, but opted out of the race. We did the threaded paceline and such, and I felt pretty good, but my wrist is still kind of swollen. I should have done the race cause pace was SL-OW and there were no crashes...but it was good to air on the side of caution with my luck.