Thursday, September 25, 2008

a kurva ehletbe

that is my favorite hungarian swear phrase. it stands for "fucking life." really, i think it is more of a philosophy on life than a swear phrase, and i could get into it, but that is for later, for now, let's just leave it at: "a kurva ehlebe" [pronunciation: ah ker-vuh ay-let-bay]

why now?

well, i just went to the dentist. i love my dentist. i mean, i really, really love my dentist. i talk about him quite frequently. he is excellent, if you need a dentist. dr. kenneth louie DDS. he does all the cleaning himself; no hygenist. he is very gentle and quick and doesn't ever push cosmetic dentistry. nor does ever attempt to overtreat things. he also saved my front teeth when i was in a bad crash at the early birds two years ago and i thought they were going to fall out. moreover, he has funny posters on his ceiling that you can look at and he is very shy and sometimes makes funny comments like, today: "my job would be so much easier if people didn't have tounges."

so, today i had my dentist appointment and it was time to get full x-rays, as the last time i had them was 2002. he took the xrays, cleaned my teeth, said i was doing really well at brushing and didn't think i had any problems. then he went to look at the lenses and there was an absess in one of my front teeth and he told me the unthinkable: you need a root canal.

absess? i have never even had a cavity! he said this was likely due to my bike crash 2 years ago at the early birds. that the nerve got cut off and the tissue inside the tooth is dying or something like that. all i have to say is: a kurva ehletbe.

just for a moment, let me rant. whatever, crash shmash. but it is particularly annoying when you are still feeling their effects 1.5 years later. it is like: the permenant droopy left lip because of the scar tissue isn't bad enough....or the yellow front tooth that is bruised....or the permanent blue scar on my right cheek that looks like a pen mark and at least once a week someone either tells me i have pen on my face, or tries to rub it off with their spit.... no, those are not good enough physical reminders of how i am a dumbshit. now, i have to get a root canal... and the day after i get back from nationals. a kurva ehletbe.

and just for old time sake:

monday, january 8 2007
thursday, january 11, 2007
for more gore and/or explanation on this wonderful moment in my life: here and here.


bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Beth! I also had to get a root canal before I'd ever had a cavity, after breaking my tooth in half (just being a dumbass, no cool crash), and believe me, if you let that bad boy go until you feel the abscess it will be bad. It may not seem like it, but you are really lucky that he found it before you went looking for a pair of pliers with which to tear your tooth out of your face.

And having been through it I can assure you that it's not as traumatic as everybody makes it sound. If you get to the superpain part it's actually a welcome relief.

To add to your life phrases, "ke garne" (kay GAR-nyay), Nepali for "what can you do?"

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Okay, re-reading my last comment I just sound like some Richard Simmons peppy asshole.

Let's try this: Bummer, that really sucks.

(Much better.)

theHICK said...


HOkey smokes if you can deal with that road rash you can swing a root canal with easy money.

Still sucks but like Panda said.....what can you do


twinkiepatissier said...

WTF, again, it's quad Thursday and I don't get the digits?

The additional ouchie of needing a root canal is its price tag, especially if it needs a crown...tooth #3 cleaned out my annual dental benies.

Laura said...

Yes! Avoid the superpain part! My 2 root canals were the result of a "flying over the handlebars and landing on my face" experience. I think the second tooth didn't go bad for about a year or two afterwards, when I suddenly came down with a toothache on a Sunday. The only way I could bear the pain while my mom tracked down the dentist was to hang upside down off the sofa. Still not sure why that worked (or how I discovered that particular pain management technique). Great photos!!!

Rebecca said...

Ooof, sorry to hear this.
In yiddish (you can start a collection!) it's (phonetically): yech doffels veal al luffin cup (which translates to "i need it like i need a hole in my head"). Good ole Nana!

Any consolation via the whole misery loves company thing: I had a crash 1.5 years ago (haven't really ridden since) that ravaged the right side of my body. Now it winds up I need surgery on my left shoulder. Seems all the gore and guts of the right-side wounds distracted the docs from adequately assessing what the impact did to my left shoulder. This is after surgery on my right arm. Awesome.

And, hey, we met at the 2007 Fremont crit just before I upgraded. You were awesome and yelled, in your geritol jersey, exuberantly "this is my first ever real crit!!" as we crossed the finish line. So awesome.

Heal up and thanks for the fun blog.

CyclistRick said...

I'll rephrase Panda's first comment a bit: welcome to the root canal club, and be thankful they caught if before you wanted to drill it out yourself. The painful one's show up at inopportune times, like the morning of final exams.

Bummer. As Twinkie said, hope you can dodge the crown.

Garrett Lau said...

My face looked similar to yours when I crashed at the Early Birds in 1999. When I tasted the blood in my mouth, I thought that I had lost my front teeth, but it turned out that the blood was coming from my inner lip. Thankfully, my teeth were fine and they still are. I've never needed root canal.

Audra Marie Dewitt said...


Your crash pictures make me want to drink three shots of cheap hard liquor in a row. That sucks about the root canal. Those things are the pits.

Speed Racer said...

Holy shit! I was eating! You should WARN people about that shit! God that looks like it hurts!!!

Bummer about your root canal. But look on the bright side, now you get to spend more time with your lovable dentist, who seems to make the world (a kurva?) a better place, one root canal at a time.

Oh god. Okay, gotta navigate away from the page now, your face is making me sick. :)

Tibor said...

Awesome, thanks for the Hungarian cuss phrase. My name is Hungarian, although I am Californian by nationality. There are no Hungarians in my bloodline, so I think my name was chosen by random name generator.

How are Mark n Jenn n Dash? I used to be friends with them, but havent spoken to them in years. They still at the 420 house?

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, there are so many beautiful phrases in Hungarian language! You should choose another one as your favorite one, as this is not nice to use at it all. It has nothing to do with life philosophy. It's simply a bad swearing phrase. (the kurva is actually not a Hungarian word originally as it comes from Slavic languages - e.g Polish)
Anyway, Tibor you should check your family tree more accurate! LoL! There MUST be some Hungarian DNA somewhere deep inside. Your name is sooooo Hungarian! Same as mine, no other languages use even a similar one.

Beth, here is an idea to your next favorit phrase:
Isten Áldjon Meg Benneteket!
God Bless You All!

Best Regards, Zsolt

Anonymous said...


I'm a hungarian, my english is not the best, but i wish you to feel better soon.
Our swear is "a kurva életbe"
kurva means b*tch
élet means life
the full swear is "a faszom bele ebbe a kurva életbe" which hardly means "my d*ck into this b*tch's life'
k li'k'e
u l'oo'k
r ha'r'd
v 'v'ertical
a sh'o't

é b'a'y
l 'l'ike
e cr'a'p
t le't'
b 'b'rown
e l'e't

here you can listen to it:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43828540,d.Yms&biw=1366&bih=664&bs=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wT#auto/en/a%20kurva%20%C3%A9letbe