Monday, September 22, 2008

that's it - i am moving!

so i am in minnesota right now for a work conference. when i found out i was going to come, i got in touch with karla's friends from minneapolis, andy and gwen. i had met andrew at AVC and gwen sometimes blogs and writes funny things i mine. they are certainly the nicest people ever.

so i let oakland airport at 6am sunday and got into minneapolis at 1:30 and took the light rail where andrew and gwen picked me up, and from there we went straight to the track. andy was so awesome and had arranged for me to use his friends bike to do training on. it was so amazing and kind of both of them to hook me up so much! it has made my week!

the track out here is so awesome! so, it is like ADT track, wooden, 250m, 45ish degree banking-- except it has character. (no offense to ADT, but it doesn't feel like it has lots of character per say.) the wooden track isn't glossy or coated like ADT, so that means the minimum speed is a little bit slower i think. (that makes doing a flying effort a lot easier, cause you don't have to go super fast during the prior laps windup before you jump.) it is also outside, which is awesome! there is just something much nicer about being outside while riding a bike. (to those non-track riders, this is probably a no-duh!") the only thing that was a bit different for me to get used to, is there is no apron-- you are pretty much on the blue band, or off the track. other than that, the track was really easy to ride. i don't know if it was easy for me because this is now my fourth track i've been on, and i have gotten a bit used to different tracks... or because it is just not that intimidating. i think the later. it was just easy to get on and have fun on. it didn't feel all intimidating like ADT. it was totally midwest and that is why i love it!
well, i had a great time riding... doing some standing starts, flying 200s, and other efforts. gwen is a total champion holder and counter downer! the bike andy got for me was sweet! the only funny thing for me is i used a 51t for the first time ever! that is because the chain was too long for my regular 48t. but don't get all excited, i used a 16t cog.

gwen and andy then took me to some awesome restaurant where we ate yummy nachos, amazing dinners, and some really good tea til we were stuffed. they are both so amazing awesome for hooking me up so much and being so amazing and hospitable.

so, all the bay area folks-- next year we DEFINITELY need to make the trip to their june "fixed gear classic!" it is the minneapolis AVC! it will be a blast because: 1) people in minneapolis are amazing and so kind! 2) minneapolis is an awesome city, which i am finding out, and 3) the track is so wonderful to ride! so, be sure to clear your calendar for their fixed gear classic race!

here is gwen and i outside the nsc velodrome!

(thanks andy for the picture-- i forgot my camera as usual!


CyclistRick said...

yah, for shure. It's like a really cool town, and those of us who are part Svedish can find some good place just like in the home country.

karla said...

yes! now you see why i am always raving about the track in MN. So fun! And if you ever have the pleasure of showing up for Thursday night races, you'll be sold for sure. And housing in Minnesota is super-affordable...

Of course, there is winter. Which is why I live in Cali.

chatterbox said...

You forgot the other great thing about Minnysoda - you can probably afford a house on a non-profit salary there!

WarrenG said...

A pair of keirin-cut jeans and some flannel shirts and you're good for the week.

twinkiepatissier said...

when it snows there, the velodrome becomes a big bowl of snow?

WarrenG said...

No mention of a keirin-cut, yet.