Thursday, February 08, 2007

...followed by a bitter week.

Monday I woke up to do some downhill repeats on my fixie. I could only do a couple cause my wrist was still swollen and it hurt to break. I just went home.

Tuesday I decided to show up at Team Oakland's Port ride. I heard it was a fixe ride in the winter, so I rolled up with my 68" gearing...and everyone was on their road bikes. Shit. I about blew my brains out spinning so fast for so long, jumping on the pack, falling off in about 20 meters, and then just busting my ass. I was spinning so fast for so long. I went home and fell asleep at 9.........

Wednesday I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor for my fractured finger. I figured I'd ask about my "swollen wrist" ....only to find out that MY WRIST IS FRACTURED!

Conversation went like this:

Dr. Hayne: You have a hairline fracture in your wrist.
Beth: No I don't!
Dr. Hayne: You want to look at it?
Beth: Yes. (As if I can read an x-ray....)
Dr. Hayne: How didn't you know it was broke. It has been three weeks!
Beth: It didn't hurt that bad.
Dr. Hayne: (Disapproving head shake)
Beth is getting her cast on.... orange of course. Except it is kind of crossing-guard orange....
Dr. Hayne (to technician putting on my cast): A lot of people say they have high pain tolerances. This one really does. In fact, I don't think she has any feelings at all.

Any feelings?! C'mon! That is just a critique on my character. But Dr. Hayne is cool. Well, 6 weeks of a cast. :( I am pretty bumming. I guess that means I'm off the bike....

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