Friday, June 13, 2008

ding ding for friday bells

ringing bells was pretty good cause i got to have minimal interaction with people. mel took a few races, so i could go to the bathroom and eat some potato salad, but other than that, i was a ringing machine. mike hardaway showed me a pretty good technique so i could get more bang for my buck....all in all, i think the key is having a loose wrist.

so here is the quick and dirty beth's race report--

p/1/2 /3 races. the second points race was definitely the race of the night. i don't know if anyone was really paying attention to the race, but it was a damn good race to watch. i, of course, paid excellent attention, cause i really had to stay on top of the lap cards, which can actually get a bit tricky...especially when some riders lap the field, and then there is another break being between the lapped riders and the main really need to stay on your toes with who is in front and what lap it is on. so, lap card turning isn't necessarily a job for just a cute face with no brains. you really need to stay on it. and stayed on it i did, alright.

well, enough about lap cards, actually to the race. well, basically it was like this. brian peterson is a rockstar. rode really smart and was a pleasure to watch. this was probably my favorite points race to watch. perhaps it was a combination of it being pretty close, and a combination of me paying really, really good attention. i can't give you anymore details, really, cause i didn't really know the other people's names in the sorry about that, but it was sweet. (even though brian didn't have on his white booties, he still looked fast!)

miss n outs are always fun to watch. but wtf was up with mccook's relegation? what was it for? ? i was confused. c'mon....can't take the heat, get out the kitchen... but what do i know? i only ring bells. but i really don't know what it was called for.

women's racing, well, it is funny to not be in your own race. julie nevitt rode a really smart race and unleashed her kickin' sprint at the right times, which gave her a clear victory. hanan took some strong flyers off the front that really turned a bunch of heads. but my head was turned the most none other than someone i share names with!!! how cool is that? beth welliver (is that right? please correct me if i am wrong). this was her first track race. she really nailed down a sweet attack that stuck for a long time and got a huge gap on the field. it was awesome. totally impressive. in the chariot race, hanan may as well have won by a straightaway. some serious, serious top end sprinting in those legs, that i know i am going to watching from behind very, very soon! should be fun!

and i will conclude by saying: sweet attack from the gun, justin, for the start of the 3/4 points race.

oh, i forgot the best part. larry nolan's daughter sung the national anthem to start the night off-- what an amazing, amazing set of pipes she has and a gorgeous voice! real talent. really awesome her to share it with us tonight. it really was a perfect start.

well, that was my night!


Garrett Lau said...

Another Beth? And here I thought Beth was such an exotic name. If we ever have more than one Beth in the same race, the photographers will have to use last names in their captions.

clm said...

Beth Welliver. She kicked butt during cross season!

Anonymous said...

I heart Justin!

teamwelliver said...

Hey Beth...this is the other Beth. I was glad you weren't racing last night because 1. you're fast and 2. everyone would be confused. But I was super excited when you said good job afterwards!

Thanks for the shout-out!

Vanderkitten ViP Team said...

Bethtronic- Great job rockin' the bell! I think the lap cards require an advanced degree in calculus or some extra coffee to pay special, close attention.

Thanks for the brief chats, I felt like a loner out there with no team riders to represent the cause! Good job to everyone out there, track racing is cooler than riding a fixie in frisco... yeah, I *DID* just call it "FRISCO".


Brian Peterson said...

Beth - thank you for the kind words. That was a tough race, and it really could have gone to Tamel or Hall just as easily as me. And I had some nice team mate help from the guys. It was a great race though, and I was having fun. Thanks for ringing the bells.

I have some white shoe covers, but they are the over sock kind and are too warm for summer. I guess my W/AV ones did okay.

Here is my attempted race report. I sometimes don't get all the details right, but you can get the gist of it.

Sorry, I'm too lazy to try and do the html for the link. :-)

Maybe I should cork my frame?

Anonymous said...

No team riders representing Vanderkitten, but there was a old man(who Beth posted 2 blogs about) rocking a Vanderkittten CX skinsuit (that he bought)Fri night! Maybe you should expand your team to 45+(old farts)men who wear pink. :)

Anonymous said...

Sure, we all heart justin, but don't be fooled. He's not all he appears.