Sunday, June 01, 2008

weekend shenanigans

friday night fun: a photo essay. (thanks garret, kurt, and ken for letting me pirate these photos.)

so friday night the velogirls & hernando through an AWESOME race. it was a bunch of fun. to highlight women, they made us do SIX races in a couple of hours. that was particularly mean, i think. especially considering we had approximately 10 minutes between the points race and first keirin.

points racing. this was a fun race. shelley didn't come out to hurt us this week, so we hurt ourselves. or perhaps i hurt myself by going off the front for awhile. i hurt myself pretty good cause after the race my lower abdomen hurt like i had period cramps, except i didn't cause it isn't that time on my menstrual cycle. so i sat down on a bench and moaned and complained to the poor people sitting at my picnic table for ten solid minutes about how it felt like i had period cramps...whoa is me..... and then it was time to do a keirin. yow. no rest for the weary. anyway, here are some points racing pictures.

mary checking out my hot armwarmers.

my hot armwarmers again. i wear these so it is easy to find myself in the pictures on flickr.

as the photo caption said: "beth smiling, mary not"

"mary smiling, beth not." mary also looks kinda stoned here. (you might need to click on it go get the full affect)

so then we did our first keirin. i did totally shitty, and it wasn't even because of the mystery abdomen cramps. i just let myself get boxed in, pushed around like a pingpong ball, and then rolled into the finish line without ever really sprinting. i was not happy. but thankfully we had four more races with which to redeem myself. next we had two chariot races.

this was our first chariot race. i don't really like chariot races, but i am not going to complain about how stupid they are, cause i won both of them. i say they require no skill or brains, so maybe that is why i won both of them....

alright, so in the next series of pictures, i would like readers to observe my ugly face. again, you might need to click on them so they aren't blogger blurry from shrinking them.

i kinda look like i am going to cry.

here i am going to bite someone's head off.

and perhaps this one i am thinking about taking a dump.

well, this face isn't particularly funny, but i do look a little shell shocked.

okay, so after these chariot races, it was time for another keirin, and i was a bit more ready for this one. took the moto and just rode it nicely and rode it wide when the moto came off, and kicked it before the folks behind it a sixth sense, or call it incessantly looking behind you. whatever!

i was particularly privileged in this race, cause kelly & mary were fighting for my wheel, which i think prevented them from sling shotting around.

now.... the real interesting part about the keirin, i didn't realize until later when i watched the instant replay on that cool streaming video. you can fast forward to minute 35:30 on page 2. WTF?! hernandez spent half the race berrating my dating life. and i quote: "it is the orange armwarmers that are keeping her out of the dating pool." if that wasn't creul enough, you want to know what prize he gave me?! matching orange booties. if that is what you think, you must really have it in for me.

and just to make it worse, LOOK at the pictures of the person who is telling me armwarmers are keeping me single.

ummmm..... yeah.............

so, post that keirin, i'm just chillin and cooling down, and hernando makes me go in the 3/4 miss 'n out. as i roll up to the rail i get this one: "newell, i just want you here for eye candy." well, after a motivational speech like that, i obliged and got out pretty early. it is important to know your place.

so the dude's racing was pretty sweet -- really fun match sprints to watch all night! so the best picture of the night is below:

gio copping a feel. who can blame him?

on that note, i couldn't fall asleep until to 3:30am. i woke up very tired, and figured i'd roll down to the oakland scrape for my recovery ride. i chilled out like a rockstar in the alley cat... stopping at most red lights..... only going down a street the wrong way people directions...going super slow....getting lost a bunch.... it was super chill and i was having a nice time rolling easy around time, leisurely stopping at the checkpoints.

look at all these people! yow!

so the promoters of scrape were awesome and got a ton of prizes-- so all 180 entrants (or something crazy like that!) got something! i had to leave early, so i couldn't stick around for my prize, but i told grey to pick something "useful" out for me. how surprised was i when i got a call that i was the third women (and i rolled right in with the second and fourth. sam, becca, and i were chillin' rolling around together.) i got a sweet rickshaw messenger bag and this pretty bling bling trophy with a bike on it. (i will put it in my wood paneled room.) not bad for a chill ride around town. i just got my bag today, and it is pretty awesome! the promoter of the race i think (??) makes the rickshaw bags, and it was really, really nice! so if you are in the market for a bag-- i totally, totally suggest you picking up one of these! he also made these hats for the oakland scrape.... except them aren't ready yet, so we will get to pick them up at a later date. but just so you can see his awesome craftsmanship, i am going to post a picture of the model hats. neat huh? love the cranes!

so... sunday i went on a chill ride with the team oakland girls. it was pretty sweet cause there were actually a lot of us. started out with mel, laura, marie, and me. then we picked up lauren and morgan on the way. i didn't ride with them all that long, cause i am a lame, lazy track rider who can't pedal for hours...and mel had some crazy long ride planned....but it was fun to chill with them for at least a few minutes before i turned around.


CyclistRick said...

You were looking awesome out there on Friday night; those of use watching from outside the fence could not tell you were not feeling 100% since it looked like you were riding strong ... except in the Miss-n-Out.

Orange booties should look great with the orange arm-warmers, esp. when on the Gunnar. Should have worn them on Sunday.

lauren said...

wow! you did a lot this weekend.


i bailed out early today on those 2 chicks too. mostly because i'm hecka slow right now. and lazy.

Garrett Lau said...

I'm glad you like the pictures. I almost didn't post the one where it looks like you're going to cry, but then I figured, "Well, she won the race."

twinkiepatissier said...

are those tomatoes?

Laura said...

Great job! But I like the RED booties!

Sunday was fun.

MoMoneyHoney said...

great pictures and great work at the track! it was lovely seeing you on Sunday.

Giovanni said...

hey, sometimes you got to reach in and get the feel on Matias when you have the chance. mid-race. ya. thats legit.

nice riding beth! looked like fun, chariots and all.

verification word 'spudkorne' what the heck is that?

btw. no, never pee in a skinsuit. I don't pee.