Thursday, June 19, 2008

important AVC prep

so, with only one more day til AVC, i am feeling pretty good about things. i have spent this week (and a bit of last week), doing some really, really important things to prep. these included:

  • making my shoes pretty. i got a silver sharpie & a black sharpie, and now my shoes look brand new.
  • also, it is time to bring out the orange tennis shoes. they aren't looking so hot these days, as they are very old and worn. but it is a big weekend, so i need to bring my lucky shoes, whether or not they are in good or bad condition. this spring, i got an inferior pair of orange sneakers that i don't like so much (but that didn't come with orange shoe laces, so of course i pulled the swap), the other day i put back my neon orange shoe laces in my old ratty etonic orange sneakers. i'm feeling good about it.
  • measured my quads, and i am at 61.5cm. that means that i grew 1/2 centimeter this week alone. not quite 2cm, but not bad.
  • i suckered fred into re-glueing my tire, so i don't get yelled at again.

SHIT. is that all I have gotten done? how have a squandered all my freetime?!?!?! you know what i need to do tonight?

  • wash my skinsuit...go to the grocery store...pack my food up for the next two days, so i don't have to deal with that at 6am saturday my friends directions...change my chainring....put a 16t on my wheel for warmup--and hope chain length is okay....get clothes together for two days...blah, blah, blah...ahhhh, i should really make a real list.
  • and i need to go and get new gloves, cause in addition to me having more holes in the palms than fabric (to which kelly b can attest), i somehow lost one at work on now i just have one holey glove.
  • but i really do need to remember my tape measure! not only is robin horowitz telling me i am going to have to get pictures of the pros all measuring their quads........BUT, i even got word this morning from Andrew from MN inquiring about the all-important quad measuring schedule! whoa. who knew that this craze is known outside of the ncnca? well, i will bring mine. and if you have a spare tape measure, that would be great, cause mine is made of paper and all torn up.

well, should be a super fun weekend. pretty excited to get s l a u g h t e r e d ! but first i have a lot to do tonight.


WarrenG said...

61.5? Sneaky.

Do shoulder pads make your quads look bigger?

twinkiepatissier said...

add rollers/trainer to your to-pack list.

clm said...

I can loan you a few centimeters since I'll be volunteering and not racing. ;-)

And I also selfishly volunteer to do some measuring of the elite men. Have tape, will measure!

Holly Roberts said...

Dammit. I've been avoiding measuring my quads now for MONTHS, and I just caved and did it. 62 cm. No wonder my jeans are all tight on my legs, but fine everywhere else. I'd be happy to lend you a 1/2 cm, but my muscle fibre is slower than yours, so you probably wouldn't want it.

And yes, PLEASE get new gloves. You needn't bother wearing your old ones, cuz it's about the same as having NONE on! They're uber-ventilated.

Good luck tomorrow! I'll probably make it down on Saturday for awhile to watch...