Thursday, June 12, 2008

PMS, AVC, I can't think of a third accronym

i am going to preemptively apologize for this blog post being boring. i have not been particularly funny this week. i will blame PMS, but i don't know if that is quite accurate....I think I use PMS so often as an excuse of my bad mood, that I must get my period every other week..... i don't really know what to write about, but i need to report on my quads, which are still at 61.0cm for those who actually care. hopefully i will think of something, let's see here......
  • this week marked my 1 year anniversary with debbie B. isn't that sweet? if you want to read my really silly post about when i first got her, you can here. but i wouldn't suggest it. it is definitely not funny. i sound like i am 10 years old. in fact, i wasted some time last weekend reading some of these first track racing posts, and in all of them i sound like i am ten years old. i don't find it cute at all; i find it pathetic and naive.
  • i hope everyone is excited about friday night racing! spoooooktacular. i am going to go down with mel and help my adopt-a-team, team oakland. i will not be racing, so i cannot be socially awkward and just go round and round the warm-up circle to avoid talking to people. but hopefully i will find a job that will allow me the same level of interaction. (maybe standing with the official on turn 4?) please don't bother me asking me why i am not racing. i told you, i have PMS!
  • what is quite exciting is the AVC is right around the corner! yay! have you seen robin's cool blog?! it is really awesome, definitely check it out. this race will be lots and lots of fun! i am totally excited to get my ass handed to me-- and then cry in the bathroom and have the automatic flush keep going off, amidst sobbing spasms., hopefully i won't cry uncontrollably this year.... i was a bit traumatized last year friday night, as i was in way over my head, and didn't really know what to do. but i made it out alive, only pissed a couple of people off, got my picture taken with an olympian and world champion, and somehow didn't cause an accident - so count your blessings, eh? anyway, i am pretty excited for the race. it will be neat to see some out-of-town women who were here last year, and be interesting to see how i measure up after a year. well, i hope that people will come and watch on friday night and saturday! should be a blast.
alright, well, see, it looks like i always have something stupid to diarrhea-of-the-mouth about.


Audra said...

A post written by a ten-year-old would have far more of these: !!!!!

As in, "Today i got my first bike!!! It's red!!! I'm going to ride bikes with Beth and everyone! She is sooo funny, even with PMS!!! Oh well, gotta go, mom's calling me for dinner!!"

Flandria said...

ahhh, this will be a wonderful AVC to watch because I know you will do well...

I remember last year's experience watching you race :-)

so I am extra excited to come by and watch this time!

PMS sucks!

61.0 cms rocks! (this should be a t-shirt)

chr15 tree said...

Well HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! How are you getting on pushing that big gear now?

It''l be great to hear what progress you have made in your year and what better way to see than race the same event exactly 1 year later, (is it a track event). Those bigger thighs will see you right!

Ooo bigger thighs! sigh!

CyclistRick said...

First off, we need to find out who is in this year's 60cm+ club. Last year it was you, Sabine, Ms. Chatterbox, and Mary Maroon. So far we have you, Cathy, probably Ms. Chatterbox, and ???? A very elite group!

You will do fine at AVC, and I hope you have fun tonight being a crowd junkie. I will be begging out of both; tonight so I can get ready to leave before the crack o'dawn for the Pescadero sufferfest, and next week because I am told I will be on my way to SLO for an in-law visit. But soon you can kick my arse on the track again :-)