Wednesday, June 18, 2008

screw you honda civic & yay brittany is in town!

so me and the roomie drove into work today, so my quads could rest and grow 2cm before the weekend. but of course there was some douchebag honda civic driver. honda civic driver's need to get over their civics. they all want to marry them. betsy used to drive a civic, until she flipped it over twice while taking those turns a bit too tight in livermore by the horsies. now she is rockin' some shitty taurus, and ever since then honda civic drivers have been total pricks to her. what, you think just cause your car is clearly superior, you can be a total douchebag?

so today this douchebag civic man, totally through a flick and moved up a couple of positions in the neutral lap. it was way lame. so i spent the next ten minutes berating this guy and almost got us into an accident cause betsy was laughing too hard.
  • "i know you look way cool with your oakley's and hair gel, but re-applying hair gel on the freeway is not a wise move, buddy."
  • "maybe you should crank up that john mayer."
  • "why don't you take that civic down to eastmont mall saturday night to see what that shit's really made of!" [for all you silicon valley readers, who aren't privy to sideshows, here is a definition.]
well, it continued, but i won't bore you with my shit talking.

so this weekend should be a lot of fun. robin put up this website with some good information for the AVC this weekend. thanks for the shout out and the picture of me with messy hair! i hope i am always known as the messy hair girl with big quads.

you know what totally rocks about this weekend?! my girl brittany is coming in from wisconsin and is going to see my race on saturday night!!! i can't tell you how excited i am! bj and i ran track together and she is one badass miler, 800m runner... really any distance...shit! she'd hand off to me in the 4x4 and can throw down the meanest kick going into turn 4 that you will ever see. the girl can finish a race like none other.

we like this picture of brittany cause 1) she is wearing buns, and 2) she looks really patriotic

so it looks like bj has a bike...rockin' it out running sorts and tennis shoes like i did two short years ago. damn, if this girl ever started bike racing, i'd be seriously scared at the amount of damage she could do. she is probably one of the most phenomenal athletes i have known [NCAA woman of the year, in connecticut], so incredibly smart [physician in training at u wisconsin], hilarious, midwestern, damn i could go on and on.... be sure to find her on saturday night and be nice to her. you will also enjoy sitting next to her cause she is an awesome yeller and can probably tell you some funny stories of me raising a muck while running.


twinkiepatissier said...

I think I am hearing a minor case of Japanese Car Envy.

We don't know how to drive them, but we certainly know how to make them.

I will see your 63cm quads on Fri.

betsy said...

i just want to buy the fuel cell and show up all of those mediocre civics up.

well what am i saying, i still love that civic...