Saturday, February 14, 2009

send me your keirin cut photos

thanks steve from monterey!

a stellar photoshop job for sure.

but photoshop does me no good in the real world. you know what happened today??? i read on the ToC "play by play"---


The finish line area is chalked in yellow with messages written by cancer survivors who were give chalk by the LIVESTRONG organization.

now c'mon! we can do better than lance and a multimillion dollar organization working on cancer. what about my jeans, people?! i'd like to see "keirin cut" outshine livestrong on the chalking.

steve gave me confirmation that his commitment wasn't limited to photoshop: "a few of us might come close to this if the Solvang TT course is dry." stellar. i can't wait. glad to see that solvang TT will have some chalking.

what about other place? where will you chalk?! please let me know in my comments.

i do hope some of my 45-year fans from silicon valley are all over tunitas creek. and i hope those hippies in santa cruz can find some local fresh organic chalk for bonny doon. this would be most excellent, so please help a big-quaded girl out.

remember to take pictures and email them to me (and please tell me the location). thanks!

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