Sunday, February 08, 2009

michael ball....cherry pie

so when you see a guy with hair gel and shades driving by in a car that looks like the one on the left (...especially when you swear to god you saw someone with a rock racing shirt jump in about 25m earlier), what is your natural reaction?

well, i don't know about you... but i jumped off my trainer faster than i ever accomplished any cyclocross dismount, scurried in my cleats chasing down the car as it drove away, and knocked on the driver side window.

the dude totally looked like michael ball.  but
 it wasn't.  but i was still hoping he might be affiliated in some way.  but in retrospect, i don't think they were.

i mean, the car was leaving the race....  which means they were leaving from either the cat3 or cat4 men's field.  and last i checked, i don't think they are sporting a cat4 men's team.  ....but i *swear* some dude jumped in the car with a rockracing shirt.....

so when i asked the driver: "are you michael ball?" i could see t
he dude with hair gel thought i was crazy, along with the 3 other passengers.

but that doesn't stop me. 

especially because i still thought they might have some mball connection...given the shirt i saw (or think i saw.)

i continued my pitch of keirin cut jeans....asked about how to better get in contact with michael ball...asked about riding me in their team car for the ToC.... and then the smart alec in the back seat told me to email him.  so of course i asked what email to use and he said: ""

and that is when i knew these guys were just fucking with me.

" is not a legit email; it bounces back," i replied, "as does michael.ball@rockracing and michaelball@rockracing, [one word].  i am really looking to get in touch with him! i really need some new jeans!"  then i got some weird looks and they drove off.

so mr. ball, if those were some of your cat 3 or 4 racers, let me tell you, they are not very friendly to fans.  and if you all were just some douchebags riding a pimped out car- don't think you are better than some michael ball stalker, because i promise a lot more people like me than you.  (and now everyone knows what car you drive.)


karla said...

that was seriously epic how quickly you jumped off that trainer and ran down the road without eating it. I cannot wait to see you in action next sunday when the real rock racing team is on the scene. said...

simply the most awesomest, raddest, hottest thing ever.

beth is my superhero

aron said...

that was awesome beth. you didn't hesitate for a second.

chatterbox said...

Beth adds a sprinter category to stalking. Cool!

CyclistRick said...

I will have to keep you in sight next Sunday. I can play snapperazzi, documenting your quest to lobby the Real Michael Ball.

leroy said...

Your quest is admirable.

Bike Snob NYC was on a similar mission last year.

Here is how he accomplished it.

Good luck!

Be patient. You have time. After all, isn't Michael ball's motto "Rock Racing: Here to Stay"?

sabine said...


twinkiepatissier said...

California Code Of Civil Procedure Section 527.8 -- don't get kicked out of ToC.

Amy said...

Please don't get arrested for stalking! Your brother and I are too broke to be able to produce bail money! Love you! Can't wait for you to get RR jeans that fit. I know it'll happen!