Tuesday, August 12, 2008

keirin cut endorsement from the one, the only, karla kingsley.

(This was posted in the comments of a previous post, but I wanted to make sure it got particularly highlighted)

Wow Beth, I love it. Brilliant campaign. I have sent the following to Mr. Michael Ball:
Dear Michael,

I'm told that you're seriously considering adding women's Keirin Cut jeans to your most excellent line of Rock and Republic apparel, after receiving a recommendation from Ms. Beth Newell. I think the Keirin Cut jeans are a brilliant idea, but more importantly, the idea came directly from Ms. Newell. In case you are not aware, Ms. Newell has a history of not only brilliant ideas, but also sound advice, innovative solutions, and intensely successful gorilla marketing. In fact, I keep her on the payroll just to make sure I can call her up whenever I have a work dilemma, romantic issue, or dramatic conflict. So far, she's batting about .950 (the aberration from perfection occurs when she beats my ass at the track). Beth's employers are lucky lucky people, and you must also feel lucky to be the recipient of one of her flashes of brilliance.

I look forward to purchasing a pair of the Rock & Republic Keirin cut jeans!

Karla Kingsley


Sabine said...

I love it~

karla said...

still nothing from sean in my inbox.