Friday, August 29, 2008

aspiration fufilled: podium girl tuesday!

well, no news from michael, erika, or sean. balls!

my quads are smaller now, 62.5cm. i think i probably got a little self conscious in LA and shed some girth. so-- question for people around steep tracks... are people's right quads bigger than their left quads cause of the angle? just curious!

so this week in sanjo is masters nationals. i am volunteering some-- but most exciting on my volunteer schedule is my tuesday from 7:30-8:00 shift, entitled: "awards presentations". awards presentations?! we all know what that means: podium girl! let's just say: i've waited my whole cycling career for this very moment!

now, some might say this 'podium girl' thing is a bit archaic of a tradition in cycling. balls! personally, i think podium girls are HOT. but if i didn't, i'd still be down with the whole thing... cause, let's be honest-- that is podium girl is probably the closest that that scrawny dude on the podium will ever get to a hot girl. it's not like we are swimmers. we are cyclists. let's be real. we don't match any standard of beauty. (unless your name is fabian).

so, because i love research and also succumb very easily to social pressure, i figured i better do some research on my responsibilities as podium girl. so i googled "podium girl" to see if i could learn something and get some tips for tuesday.

the first peice i read was on PezCycling news. okay, so those girls are seriously hot. that is a lot of pressure. even if i spent the whole day primping and went to the mall to get my makeup done, i still wouldn't be half that hot. but, that is the tour de france..... we're talking about masters those old guys and girls can't be so picky.

then i tried to read something on cycling news. but it was just too painful to read. i mean, i can't have respect when people start writing "zee" to imitate a french accent. "Zee beautiful girl and zee handsome rider - C'est la vie, C'est le Tour!" that is just obnoxious. so i closed the window without finishing the peice.

then i saw on amazon, that there is book about podium girls. but beware as a stocking stuffer... it looks like the book is only 45 pages for $15, and it is mostly pictures.... which might be what you want, and maybe cheaper and caries less social stigma than purchasing some soft porn.

then this flickr came up, entitled: "podium kiss with tounge." eek. well, i am not doing any of that!

but, for real, if you are actually interested in the business behind being a podium girl, check out this interview.

then i saw one that probably spoke to me the most and would most resemble my tuesday night 7:30-8:00 volunteering duty: "podium girls sooo sick of kissing ugly dane".


Garrett Lau said...

The "podium kiss with tongue" is George Hincapie kissing his wife. They met when she was a podium girl at the Tour de France. Who knows, you could meet your future husband on Tuesday.

Gilby said...

My home track has a 43 degree banking, and my left quad is consistently 1/4" larger than the right. But my left leg is also shorter than the right, so I figure it's bigger 'cause it has to work a little harder.

WarrenG said...

Ruh-roh. At masters nat's the jerseys and medals get presented to the riders and at least in the past, only the riders are actually on the podium.

That doesn't rule out a little kissy-cheek or some similar fun. And why can't we do things a little different and fun from what's been done in the past?!

Afterall, Keirin-Cut Girl doesn't follow the trends, she starts the trends.

CyclistRick said...

Gotta watch it. Big Georgie H. led one the TdF podium girls down the protocol violation path (no fraternization is explicit) and now she has two kids to show for it.

Keep your composure, and make sure that they look like Fabian and have a bank account to match before you give out your number ;-)

Jen said...

you might get lucky - masters' start at 30 y.o., and if they aren't eye candy at least their thighs are.

velogirl said...

did you know that "Podium Girls Gone Bad" was written (or photographed) by LGBRC member, Samarye Lewis. she's pretty cool.

Holly Roberts said...

and my dog, Bette Davis, has a Podium Girls Gone Bad t-shirt. Sammarye is way cool. And she gave me some pictures of my dog in her shirt. :o)

liquidwrench said...


veloandvino said...

I'm so psyched to get some kisses!

Screw the medals, I'm gonna ride my ass off.

see you on the podium, yum yum, growl.

some dude said...

here's how to do the podium thing, from the ladies at punk rock cycling:

velogirl said...

and Holly has the PGGB thong. I think Sammayre gave her some photos of Holly in the thong, too!