Monday, August 25, 2008

la la land re-cap

so i wish i had some awesome news report from ADT entitled: "major upset by the black sheep from up north." however, it would more accurately be titled: "mediocre and predictable show from northern black sheep." nevertheless, either way you cut it, i am the black sheep. i think my biggest accomplishment from the weekend was when i passed steve palaez in the warmup on friday night. yes, that is steve "i <3 justin timberlake" pelaez.

i was hoping to roll into ADT and be tons faster, but my TTs were about the same/kinda slower...i was a big dumbshit in the keirin...i was just hanging on in the points race and didn't have the top-end to actually score...match sprints i pretty much unsuccessfully led them all out...and scratch race, i failed at setting things up for hanan. wow. i sound like a big downer. that all said, got some really good experience riding the track and learned some invaluable lessons. and i also thoroughly whooped my ass.

traveling with peterson and pelaez was pretty awesome. on the ride down, i chose my favorite seat in the car: back right. in any car situation, i typically try to call "back right" instead of "shotgun" because it is definitely the low pressure seat. and i am all about low pressure, especially regarding conversation in a car. shotgun has a lot of responsibility-- with keeping the driving entertained and the people in the back engaged in conversation, dealing with the radio, navigating, etc. back seat is a free ride. and back right is far superior than back left, because it makes it difficult for the person sitting shotgun to make eye contact with you, perhaps, thus, shirking some shotgun duties on you. back right is out of the line of vision, and thus just needs to listen and can chime in when s/he likes. so, i pretty much was the peanut gallary the whole trip down, which was perfect. basically it went like this steve "i AM the filipino national team" would tell a story, and me or brian "hardcore, not an adjective as in tough, but a noun, in the NOFX sense, but probably not so mainstream" peterson would cut steve down just a little more.

friday night we went right to the track where we did a mini-workout...that is when i passed steve pelaez. we won't give details on that. (by we, i mean i.) that track is like a black hole, and somehow we stayed in there way too long. we spent the evening at a sweet apartment, then went back the next day for a very long day at the track. hanan and derek were also there to race, and the oldster and hooptie rolled in later in the afternoon.... basically, so hooptie could lay the smack down hard in that points race. boo yah. we were also met my steve's filipino entourage and cheering section. he is quite popular. i already described how mediocre my day went....but, despite mediocrity, i was exhausted! sunday was much like saturday. except it started with micky mouse waffles, which automatically made it better. drove back sunday evening, and i was a pretty poor shotgun companion, cause i crack under chatting pressure... that, and i had a lot of gas-- which i am totally blaming that powerbar endurance formula for. i, was too embarassed to apologize about the gas in the car, but sorry brian!

it was definitely cool chatting with some of the really, really fast women down there. and they were really nice (especially becky lang & cari higgins) for giving me a few pointers about that track. this would have been perfect opportunity to pitch my keirin cut jeans to these trackie girls. and recruit models. but i totally forgot. damn, and bahati was even racing too...and i failed to bother him before or after his race about michael ball. i blame it on those neon green kits. they are just pretty intimidating...

...and that was the quick lala land re-cap.


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CyclistRick said...

Mickey Mouse waffles in a Mickey Mouse town. How appropriate.

That reminds me, I need to make some waffles. Waffles with fresh strawberries. That's the ticket.

diggs said...

Whats up with your mediocrity comment. You raced hard and put it down. Plus you raced the majority of the two days. Give it up to yourself. I really have no excuses except that I tried in my first season. Derek this is.

diggs said...

Oh, and the gas is expected after a weekend like that. HHaaaaa.