Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sean, not michael ball, but getting there.

i just received the following email in my inbox from sean at something called "team elevation".
subject line: re: R&R and quads
Thank you so much for your e-mail concerning quad sizes and women's jean design. I am forwarding it on to Michael Ball's attention.

And yes, your blog post was entertaining (and brave)!


Thanks Sean!

Now, I wonder how "michael@rockracing.com" got transfered to "sean@teamelevation.com"?! what is team elevation anyway? what does this have to do with rock racing and rock & republic?

i did some sloothing. i went to the following website. www.teamelevation.com
this was all i found out.

1610 Colorado Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Site Re-Launch: September 12, 2008

For Immediate Information, Contact:
Wesley Mallette, Partner
(310) 562-2821

sloothing did me no good. but let's take some solace in the fact that 1) my first message is being forwarded to mr. ball, and 2) he thought my original blog post about quad measurement was funny and brave.

i wrote sean back the following email:
hello sean!

thanks for writing me back, reading my blog post, sympathizing with my incredible quad/jean-fit-dilemma, and sending my email along to michael ball. you are awesome!

just a few questions for you, though:

1. so how did my email get to you? i sent my original email to info@rockracing.com... then to pr@rockracing.com. then i tried mball@rockracing.com that bounced back, as did michael.ball@rockracing.com, michael_ball@rockracing.com, and ball@rockracing.com. but you know what did go through? michael@rockracing.com, and michael@rockandrepublic.com. but then i realized that perhaps that went to michael CREED, and not michael BALL... so i sent the "obliquitous" michael another email and tried to explain myself and i think i sent another email also.

basically, these were my main points in my follow-up email:

-there are lots of big-quaded athletic girls who would love keirin cut jeans! in fact, lots of us will be in LA oct 1-5 for track nationals, and we can come in one day after that (say october 6th?) to do a sizing proto-type. as this is nationals, our quads should be maxed out for the season, so this will be a good time to measure our huge, muscular legs.

-i have thought of some excellent PR marketing for the keirin cut jeans. this involves a motorcycle (which paces the keirin race), a girl in the new keirin cut jeans wearing white sprinter gloves, straddling a nagasawa. you could even put NJS on the butt pocket, but that might be some copyright violation...

-i also highlighted in my last email that, SADLY, keirin is not an olympic sport for women! but it is for men. doesn't that suck? ironically, the japanese are being accused of bribing UCI $3 million to get it as a sport for men. maybe rock racing could bribe UCI too to get it an olympic sport for women. this would be good for a couple reasons: a) it will show R&R supports equal rights and doesn't objectify women in marketing, b) R&R would be just as influential as the country of japan!, and c) it will get the USA another gold medal, as the standing world champion in the keirin is none other that USA's jennie reed. (btw, she can squat 130 kilos. i know cause i saw a clip of it on facebook.)

2. what is team elevation? how is this related to rock racing and rock & republic. what was the origin of the name? in my personal opinion, i think "elevation" was a genius choice for a name. high elevation training is definitely the new epo. team "high road" and "slipstream" just need to be smarter. being anti-doping doesn't mean anti high red-blood cell count, right?

thanks for your help, sean! i really hope we can work with michael on this exciting new product line.

hugs and kisses,



PROMANgirl said...

ok so the inside scoop is that info@rockracing.com is waiting for your e-mail, titled 'Keirin cut jeans'

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I bet that's the same Sean who I talked to at Redlands for PotW. Really nice guy :).

la chaser said...

Due to recent knee surgery, unfortunately I have one large quad and one piddly quad...so sad. But I must express some concern with the price of said Keirin Cut Jeans, if they were to be created. If R&R markets jerseys at $240, what are my hopes of being able to purchase a pair of bicycle inspired pants for less than $750? I will need to sell my bicycle in order to buy them, thus nullifying the necessitation. Quite the quandary.

PS, Enjoy the blog, even though I have know nothing about track riding (nor what Keirin really means). I am learning, one blog post at a time.

Anonymous said...

I saw this interview on Cycling News with Gregory Bauge and couldn't help but think of you and your search for ever-growing quads. Looks like he might be on to something....

Procycling: How much weight training do you do?

GB: Three times a week. And then big-gear riding, which is another form of weight training - a way of getting big thighs!

Procycling: Speaking of which, how big are your thighs?

GB: 69cm! It's weird!

Procycling: That must give you trouble buying trousers…

GB: No, because [demonstrates by plucking at his clothes] I always go for loose clothes in a big size. It's not too difficult.

Davetronic said...

Apparently Michael Ball has lost his affection for women cyclists... at least he shit-canned the women's team for next season. Maybe their thighs were to muscular for his meth-addict trousers?

Anonymous said...

Sean Wiede is the owner of the PR firm Team Elevation that handles all the Rock Racing press.

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