Wednesday, August 13, 2008

tuesday night track



marc said...

That is the beauty of the 84 lap points race. No fakin.

That was by far the hardest race of the season for Bs of any day or night of the year, mostly because the pace was driven by the A's who were not totally destroyed by their 1st race right before, but they were softened up enough so that the Bs could stay with them a long time.

Funniest thing, was when the A's finished their race and the B's lined up and Larry said the A's could get water before the start and a lot of B's said Noooooo!

Everyone got to suffer, things were pretty safe,
and this was one of the rare moments that will make lots of people stronger.

Merkeley Bike said...

You were a rock star!!! Nice job out there.

I've only done a few of the A/B races but that was the first that where the pace was dictated by sprinters. Lots of good practice.