Friday, August 15, 2008

mball, keirin cut... still no response...

hi michael-

it's me again, beth. HI! i do hope you are getting my emails! maybe you just think i am crazy or not serious about "keirin cut" jeans. first, no, i am not crazy. i am just from the midwest, so am a bit too candid sometimes. second, i am serious about "keirin cut" jeans! i am very persistent, so please get back to me!

you know what? i saw that you were interviewed this week by both triple crankset and pez cycling news! that is cool. i mean, those are both pretty good cycling news sources. but my blog, beth bikes! has pretty much penetrated the biggest cycling market there is: the 40 year old silicon valley riders! (and you know what? beth bikes! also has penetrated the 4-wheeling market too. why? well, actually, if you 'google images' "biggest quads" look what comes up! whoa!!). but the point is, my blog gets mad hits.... so i think you would be wise to: 1) seriously get on this "keirin cut" jean design, and 2) DO AN INTERVIEW WITH ME! what do i know about interviews? i do way better interviews than the other folks. need proof? check out my interview to rising cycling star, karla kingsley. (you should sign her, by the way. she'd look great straddling a neon green bike. she won a superweek stage on the heaviest bike in the peloton, so just think what she could do on a neon green bike!)

anyway, these interviews were good to read, and i think i got to know you a little better. some parts were really motivating...and i think really highlighted how great of a fit "keirin cut" would be for rock & republic. let me make my case. here is me quoting you, to you.

From Pez (on your business strategy):

I tell everyone; 'if you can't get in the front door, go to the back door and if you can't get in the back door, go through the window!'

See! This is why I am emailing you at every address I can find. You have to respect that I am just like you. Going in the window! Get back to me!

From Pez (on how you got into jean design):

The girl I was going out with at the time wore these unflattering denims and I said to her; 'those jeans don't do your body justice!'

So, she challenged me to make her a better pair; I had experience of patterns from my mother and grand mother; I made her a pair and that lead to the formation of Rock & Republic – that was just six years ago!

Michael--c'mon! I challenge you to make us sprinter girls some jeans!!!

From Pez (on how you named "rock and republic"):

'Republic' that's the people, taking the brand to them.

And who are the people here?! ME! Us sprinter girls REALLY NEED some keirin cuts!

From Triple Crankset (on the RR women's team):

Our women's team turned out to be a little bit of distraction and kind of a disaster to be honest. We're going to have to take a step back and take a look at it from a different perspective. We're going to have to rethink how we're going to structure this next year.

There were things that shouldn't have been happening that were happening. So be it. It's human nature, but when it starts affecting the team…uh-uh. We're going to have to start looking for another way to do it. It just didn't work out the way I thought. Thanks for the support of women's cycling. We'll continue to support women's cycling but we'll have to think of ways to restructure it. Do it completely different with two completely separate organizations. I think that was the mistake thinking we could all be one big happy family. I was maybe naïve.

Yes, how to support women's cycling. I say start by: 1) making some keirin cut jeans, and 2) paying some existing women's teams mad cash to put the "keirin cut" on their kit-- like right on the quads, baby.

Okay, Michael, that is that. I think your interviews were awesome! And, if anything, they really showed me how you really support me and my quest for "keirin cut" jeans.
-You like that I am harassing you, cause it shows how persistent and creative I am.
-You like my creativity.
-You like that the idea is from the people!
-And you want to make a pair of jeans that really fit sprinter girls, like me!

Okay, please get back to me soon! I look forward to meeting you and getting this thing moving!




teamwelliver said...

haha - you're killing me! awesome.

mhernandez said...

oh mah lawd ...

when you google "biggest quads" image search ...

beth's orange crotch is the first frickin' result.

now THAT is fame.

lauren said...

i hate that word "crotch". but sure enough, michael's right.

there's your "crotch".

karla said...

that is too good. keep up the persistance, i can feel the Michael Ball interview coming.


Christine said...

I'm much more of a climber than a sprinter (51.5:36 cm quad:calf ratio) but I definitely support the idea of keirin-cut jeans!

Malissa said...

Love, love, love your blog! As a mountain bike and cyclocross racer, I have larger than normal yet not as impressive as you track girls' quads, so I feel your pain. However, I must point out two things: You do realize that the cheapest pair of R&R jeans is $191 at And if you check out the models, none of them have quads as large as my calves...Ball's girlfriend must have been one of those bobblehead toothpick girls!

Good luck on your mission for the Keirin cut jeans! I'd love to find a pair of women's jeans that wasn't made for an anorexic 13 year old boy!

Amy said...

I told some athletic girls that were at the Charity Denim event I was at on Saturday about your campaign for Keirin cut jeans, Beth. They were frustrated, the R& R Jeans that were only $100 at this Charity Denim event, if they got them to fit on their quads, they were swimming at the waist (along with all the other designer jeans). So...again, LOTS of market for Keirin cut jeans. I wonder, though, whether R& R wouldn't create the cut because, while they support cycling, they don't believe the Athletic look for women gives them their normal brand recognition? I could be wrong....I say keep on keepin' on Sister (in law)!

Chole said...

I have the same problem with pants! I have mostly started buying men's skinny pants that look okay, but I am right at the border of starting to 'hulk out' of them!

After next season I will probably have to wear shorts all the time. Luckily I am moving to LA!

Btw- found you from Bikesnob, so glad to see a Cali girl track blog!

marc said...

Your on--

linebrake said...

... in your underwear ...

Will Handsfield said...

Hey Beth,

I hope your campaign works out. If you need any men to model a men's version of the Keirin Cut jeans, I'll volunteer myself.

I am not a track cyclist, nor have I ever ridden on a velodrome track. But I do own a fixed gear conversion, and I commute by bike every day (generally on a geared bike though, but it does have a Bio-pace II triple crank!).

I raced for DU's collegiate team while in Grad School the last two years, but haven't shaved my legs since the spring. I'm willing to do so to model Michael Ball's Keirin Cut jeans.

Let me know what you want to do about a photoshoot, I generally wear a men's medium in cycling shorts and bibs, and 32/30 in Levi's, but don't tell Michael that, he may get jealous and look for another model.

I'll wait to hear from you, you can find me at

Giovanni said...

OMG. I just read this again. and still laughing.