Monday, March 31, 2008

breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions

well, the breakfast part is a lie. saturday morning, i did have a plain bagel with cream cheese. that was at 7:45am. it was such a busy day of running here and there-- from home, to run a bunch of errands to pick up breakfast for meeting, to work, to meeting, to computer lab, back to meeting, blah blah blah, to my house, got my bike ride in, back home, change, back to meeting all sweaty, to BevMo to buy a keg for the next day bbq..... and while in line for the keg i was hungry cause i didn't really eat since morning and saw my favorite potato chips. mmmmm kettle chips. it was about 4:30pm...and I had to meet my ride into SF in a half hour for the goldsprints-- so grabbed the chips, got the keg, unloaded it in my garage, and walked to carol's house eating lunch and dinner.

kettle chips are very yummy. potato chips are probably pretty good for athletes cause they have a lot of salt, which we need. and my nutritionist friend also told me potatoes have more potassium than bananas.
fact: One medium banana packs 450 mg. But potatoes actually top bananas in potassium content: a medium baked potato or 20 French fries have 750 mg.
i don't really know about potato chips per say, but let's just say i ate enough potato chips to fill my daily requirement time five. well, nothing like 1 bagel plus lots of potato chips says: i am ready to kick ass in goldsprints.

i was pretty tired waiting for lauren and morgan to come... so i lied down on the sidewalk. this is perfect prep for sprinting.

morgan drove lauren, carol, laura, and i into SF for the goldsprints. poor little mel got the flu, so she couldn't do the races. the team oakland ladies were nice enough to let me be on their team. lauren even gave me her old chamois and jersey...and my oh my...those are some niiiiiice chamois. thanks lauren!

well, i always seem to not dress for the occasion. at bike races, i don't have a team kit and wear some crap so people think i am a big fat looser. and then at goldsprint events, i put on the team kit and look like a big fat looser. i guess i can't get it straight. whatever. i have big quads. it doesn't matter what i wear. the point is, i can't get down when to flair and when not to flair. but i think i figured out the social norm, finally. flair at the goldsprints, not at the races.

this is lauren flaring with some cool socks.

and here is the hot chick in the bra. to tie in gold sprints, is worse than kissing your sister. it means chug a beer right after your sprint, then do another sprint.

and grey really got the flair down with this move. know what he told me? "that's right. i showed my tits. so glad that was captured for posterity's sake. see that, beth? you rode over 2 seconds faster than me, but i proved that if you show your tits you get your picture on the internet." sometimes i am jealous of grey. but now is not one of those times.

yeah, so i guess showing skin is how you get popular. i am little shy on stage and don't particularly like people looking at me. so that means i will continue to dress like a dork so expectations are low.

so, the event was a blast--shitload of people, lights, stages, yelling, tatooed dudes without shirts, girls with low cut shirts leaning waaaay into the bullhorns, beer chugging, and some crazy fast people. whoa.

here is ben, djing hard.

here is laura experiencing with a really awesome suffer face.

i think i am pretty stoic when i sprint and don't have a cool suffer face. that kinda helps lower the expectations of the crowd. except morgan's -- he was yeller supreme!

this is me and marissa clipping in. she had cute black getup that was a crowd pleaser for sure.

and the mens final. holy mother f-er-- that was fast. i didn't know people could break 19 seconds, let alone low 18 seconds. and see that little scrawny kid next to gio? he is very tiny and very fast. that should give some motivation to your little quad people, that there is still hope.


PROMANgirl said...

shit we should have come to watch, i missed your tits boo hoo!
thanks for the party invite. see you soon

CyclistRick said...

What promangirl said....

Back to reality. Sounds like fun. Ms. C. got an invite to team up, but we had company for the weekend. But ... if Lauren was picking you up you should have held out for Thin Mints! She said she would have them at Brisbane yesterday; I saw her but no Thin Mints. Not as much potassium as potatoes, but mighty tasty :-)

twinkiepatissier said...

holy mother f-er-- that was fast.

hi beth's mom, your daughter is not cussing!

well, i always seem to not dress for the occasion...the point is, i can't get down when to flare and when not to flare.

dressing appropriately for an occasion is over-rated. own your flair always.

lauren said...

you're very stoic when you sprint.

while sorting through some of the pics i took i had a hard time telling - in which ones you were actually sprinting and which ones you were warming up or down.

and then i looked at the hair-do's around you and that's how i could tell.

and it's flair whenever you feel it. don't worry about what others do or say.

and you forgot to mention that you were crowned the queen with one mother fuckin' fast stoic sprint.

WarrenG said...

Warmup? Nearly 2 hours of hard training in the afternoon.

flare: to start up or burst out in sudden, fierce activity, passion, etc. See also: Beth sprinting.

gwadzilla said...

my life lacks the motivation to hurt so bad without the immediate reward