Tuesday, April 01, 2008

horse vs. bike

so me and the roomie (betsy) often contemplate who would win if we had a horse vs. bike competition. she rides horses all pretty-like over hurdles and stuff (although i don't think they call them hurdles...) she doesn't do the kentucky-derby type of riding.

anyway, yesterday i decided to look at andreas' website. when i see him and his jersey at the track, i always think: i should check out his cyclingcalifornia.com website, but always forget anytime i am at a computer. but i remembered yesterday, and found a section entitled: "horse vs. bicycle". finally, an answer. bikes rule. i was excited to rub it in betsy's face.

i informed betsy that my bike is better than her horse, and she sent me an email this morning that said: "can your bike do this though?" and attached these two pictures.


of other humor on the bike vs. horse, check this out!

amazing. my favorite part is the "oo la la" when the horse enters the peloton.


Velo Bella said...

her horse can be a little red x?

chatterbox said...

Wahh, I can't see the pix! But, I like the video. Notice how a couple dudes used the horse as a blocker to bridge. Sweet!

Audra Marie said...

Ohhhhh! I love horses. I grew up riding. Pretty horse pictures! Ok, can you tell I get excited about horses?