Thursday, March 06, 2008

growing pains

tuesday i didn't bike at all, and all i could feel all morning was the tingle in my legs. my quadies were growing. tingle, tingle, tingle. they were getting SO HUGE, right as I was sitting at work doing my job. tingle, tingle. grow, quads, grow! i was getting so excited, knowing that the magic was happening right then and there. all i wanted to do was pull down my pants at my desk and measure. but i knew it was more important to be patient. patience is a good thing. rewards are always better with a bit of deprivation. i couldn't wait for thursday. yeah, yeah, because thursday means it's almost friday.... but who cares? more importantly, thursday is when i measure. and i knew that this was going to be a week where they just popped outta nowhere.

went down to the port with the girls again-- karla, carol, laura, morgan, and rousha. [geez rousha, i just met you, but you must feel lame for not having a blog.] look how cute they are!!!

well, we pretty much kicked our collective asses. then, the important part of the night happened..... i challenged them to the "OVERPASS CHALLENGE."

what is the overpass challenge?

so happy you asked, my loyal blog readers!

the overpass challenge goes like this:

on top of overpass, get in tiny gear (like 39x21) and spin down and fast as you can until your eyes are going to pop out and see how fast you can get your cadence. this is the overpass challenge. (sorry, that is probably a big disappointment, but you shouldn't expect so much from me. i am from ohio, and thus am easily amused.)

well, we didn't quite do the overpass challenge, cause we were going backwards over the overpass. (i like to do it the other way, where there isn't a stop light and oncoming traffic at the end)... but we improvised and took turns getting in tiny gear and spinning as fast as humanly possible on the flats as everyone else watched from behind jeering. it is strangely exhilarating watching people move their legs so fast, and some people do funny things with their upper body and butts, which is quite mockable at a later date. for instance, karla's got this little head bob, like those roxbury dudes on saturday night live who would go into the dance club with that song "what is love? baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me not more." that was pretty awesome.

that is the overpass challenge. my best in the overpass challenge is 173, which i got tonight. challenge yourself and lets hear it.

i am not gonna get to excited about doing well in the overpass challenge, for a number of reasons. 1) it is the overpass challenge. 2) i don't think there is any correlation between the overpass challenge and anything else. as no one would ever sprint in a 39x21. 3) i bet my readers can go like 250. that would be awesome to watch!!! i bet your couldn't even see his/her legs!

alright, enough about the overpass challenge. i have been holding you in suspense for too long.

thursday quad measurement!!! i must say the 4 ladies i was with had some exceptional quad measurements-- all report some pretty braggable numbers. everyone was at least 58cm. sweet. and m? oh baby, 60.5cm!

as george castanza would say: I'm back, baby!


runjoelrun said...

I did NOT see you at the Port Tues night. I don't believe you were there.

twinkiepatissier said...

runjoelrun - with beth's 173 cadence in 39 x 21, it's called the blink of an eye so that you probably missed her. what she didn't mention in this blog entry is that she can reproduce the overpass challenge on non-overpass terrain, too.

i used to go to THE roxbury.

Beth said...

joel- i didn't go there tuesday. i am too slow for y'all. plus, i am a scardy cat. i go to the port on off times... wednesday, thursday, or tuesday before everyone shows up.

WarrenG said...

So, instead of "off" day in the training plan it should say "tingle day"?

Can we get a pool going for when you will surpass 61.0?

Carol G said...

I might have to show up at the port early on Tuesdays so I can practice riding in my little gears with you, Ms. Fast-Spinner. Can't wait to do the Overpass Challenge next week. Wheeeeeee!!!!!!

Laura said...

58 and a HALF!

Sprints shmintz. I need more Overpass Challenge practice. When I looked down, I was in my big ring.

WarrenG said...

Beth's secret...Big ring UP the overpass for growth.

CyclistRick said...

I would welcome you back to the 60cm+ club, though it has probably been 20 years since I was in that elite group. Anyway, have another piece of chocolate cake for the quads, they need the energy.

And now we know where you got that spin to win those Cane Creek wheels; weeks and weeks of the overpass challenge.

anthony said...

you were out there tuesday night? I didn't see and I was out early...