Thursday, March 27, 2008

quad thursday and other random crap

la la la. happy birthday to me. well yesterday. thank you for all the well wishes. (for instance, thank you to the boy wayne who i went to 2nd grade with, and is now my "facebook friend" who wished me happy birthday, and i haven't said much to since 2nd grade. the internet makes me feel all warm and fuzzy sometimes.) my horoscope for the year sounds promising. it said: "this will be a power year for you." i don't know what that means, but i love kicking ass.

of other highlights, check out this keirin video at hellyer from last week. unfortunately, the first race is the C race, the one i am in. i'd fast forward, cause it ain't so interesting. (unless you want to see my hot new skinsuit.) instead of the C race, it can also be called the "how not to do it" race. like me for instance-- miss the dude going over the top cause i am busy contemplating why the guy in front of me pulled up track when the moto pulled off. then lead out a bunch of dudes faster than me and get passed. genius! it's genetic. i suggest fast forwarding a few minutes in to see the big boys in the As do it- cause it looks way cooler.

lets see. quads. well, 60.5cm while that isn't much of a change, what this number doesn't report, is how that quad muscle on the outside of the knee has totally popped out several inches and is ready to eat your babies.

and of other exciting news- let's talk about the roller races on saturday night! 6pm sports basement, SF (1590 brannan-- SOMA). if you aren't racing, come watch. i see free food & beer on the poster. i don't know who all is racing-- but let me tell you, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as watching people spin 160+rpm several feet from where you are standing. and if you are racing, having a bunch of people scream in your face as you are spinning that fast is also quite a rush. i don't know the competition, but i am putting my $$$ on TEAM OAKLAND LADIES!!!!!!!!!! whether or not the fastest, they certainly will be the hottest. i mean, how couldn't team oakland ladies not be hottest with the likes of this one in the ranks??? (hi mel!)


twinkiepatissier said...

alright, whoever is in charge of the orange group, i want to know the % increase of dude membership after 9:34pm on Mar 27, 2008.

chatterbox said...

Velogirl signed us up for the roller races...not sure who is going. I'm bummed I can't go. The momma is arriving some time tomorrow evening. While she is a cyclist, I'm pretty sure the roller races are not her thing. 70 rpm and 60 watts down a country road with no beer or noise is more her thing....oh, but I should measure he quads while she is here to check on her fitness progress.

WarrenG said...

"that quad muscle on the outside of the knee has totally popped out several inches and is ready to eat your babies."

Parents can only hope that you continue to use that for good, and never give in to the dark side.

If you ever do give in to the dark side, dibs on the movie rights.

Laura said...

haHAHA! Did I miss some sort of "let's drink beers on car hoods like models" party?! Dammit!

Happy Birthday Beth!!!!!

gwadzilla said...

that is a fun shot on the hood of what looks to be The General Lee!