Wednesday, March 19, 2008

random wednesday

i won.

i woke up from a couple hour nap, after having eaten four chocolate covered coffee beans. my best friend always says sleeping after coffee is equivalent to winning. so i just won. so i ate some more coffee beans. seven more. maybe that means, i will get to sleep 3.5 hours now.

today is a weird day. this 30 hr/wk new job is an adjustment. mostly cause instead of actually only working 30 hrs a week, i somehow stay late and go in early the other four days, and probably round out at 38hrs anyway, with only getting paid for 30. non-profit needs more money, so they can up my hours...or give me less work...but really, i need more hours. or a hobby that pays for itself. or a boyfriend who will pay my rent. either will do.

anyway, i took such a long nap cause i didn't even sleep-in on my day off. me and the roomie went into SF for the "snake protest" early this morning during rush hour. whoa, five years of the war. this protest was pretty funny-- pretty small group of a couple hundred people. there was a little band in the march, known as the liberation marching band or something. the alto sax player had a really beautiful selmer 7 horn. i was eying that saxophone all morning. anyway, it was unsanctioned march, so that was pretty fun, not knowing where you were going and making circles around block. also, rules that apply to biking over trolly tracks, also apply to walking. don't get your foot stuck in them. yow! we weaved in and out of streets for awhile and as it was coming to a close someone asks me: "are you arrestable?" what a funny question to be asked at 9:30am. i replied, "no, i need to ride my bike later today." boy, if you ever sounded like a lame-o, for why you can't get arrested, i think that is the answer. i should have gotten arrested on my day off. then when the boss asks me what i did, i'd just say, "hung out at SFPD, holla!" i must say, protests in SF are so chill is weirds me out. the cops totally don't care. contrast this to the NYC protests where it is normal to get clubs shoved in your face and tear gassed-- I am still in awe at how relaxed it is. and that they let some unsanctioned march go on for a couple hours- unbelievable. the whole arresting was so chill too. it took them about 30 minutes to arrest probably only 10 people and they were carrying people's bags and letting them get things out of it. totally weird. i should have went to the SFPD today. i bet they would have given me some cookies or something. maybe thin mints.

well, so, i am guessing people want to know about my biking. let's see. i did that land park crit. pretty course, nice folks in the field. i couldn't believe how quick it was over. i guess that is what a 35min crit is like. kinda was a dumb shit the last lap and let myself get pushed back around those s-turn thingies and was way at the back of the pack going into the sprint. before the race, i said to myself: this is not a track bike. remember to shift in the sprint. except, i kinda started my sprint in like my 53x13-- which was not good for me, and i slowly slogged to the line from the back of the pack. oops. so it goes. lesson learned: don't be a dumbass. of coolness in that race, though, was christina yglesias -- the 16 yr old who came in second. she was killin' it all race, taking the primes and stuff. one fast girl! i've also seen her at the track, speedy! totally pumped to see her tear it up!

moi, losing a prime.

moi, doing crappy in the final sprint

but, for real, check out that hot skinsuit and arm warmers.

next day i went to hellyer for the sprint tourny. good times for sure. my 200 time was about what i had last year in august, so that is a good sign. also, knowing how to ride the right lines helps a bit too. the races themselves were a blast. i did 4, and all were really close. mostly with me losing by a foot or so. these dudes need to learn to be nicer to girls and let me win. geez, cut me a chromosome.... it looks like it'll be a fast year-- it was sweet watchin' matias and gio killin' it. and mel came out for her first track race and was lookin' sweet! yay mel! alicia and jenny, representing awesome as usual-- and jenny's new bike is totally hot. be sure to check out the "refrigerator finish" as she calls it. and illeana is gonna really tear it up this year. totally stoked for all the women down there!

well, that is it. maybe i am ready for my coffee bean nap number two....


Cheflandria said...

sorry to miss the Tuesday Beth, mommy-duties called...

sounds like a fun day at the track!

CyclistRick said...

Just saw Marc's message on the Sunday results. Great time on the 200M. Getting the best of folks like Puglia and Andreas is great stuff; I couldn't beat them.

We missed you on Tuesday night. Lots o' fun. It was funny to have Shelly yell at me to get back on after I pulled off on a leadout, as if I could. Will we see you next week? Inquiring minds and all that.

WarrenG said...

Caffeine for when you're not thirsty, but you still want to be minty fresh when you wake up from a little nap.

twinkiepatissier said...

attainable ranking (as of 3/20/08):

1. a boyfriend who will pay my rent.
2. a hobby that pays for itself.
3. i need more hours.