Tuesday, July 15, 2008

super karla kingsley

word on the street -- from one midwestern text messager [ali] to another midwesterner [me] -- is that our midwestern homegirl, karla kingsley just won race #2 at superweek. (!!!!)

dare you ask, who is karla kingsley? pshaw! (dear cyclingnews: your interview won't be nearly as excellent as mine)

everyone celebrate tonight with some pie a la mode (and pronounce that with as much nasal as possible) whoop! whoop! yay karla!

p.s. she is still awaiting that free bike and pimp wheels, from all of her fans in the silicon valley!


Garrett Lau said...

Congratulations to Karla!

I like how you include links to your earlier blog entries for the benefit of your newer readers. The interview with Karla is hilarious, as is the entry explaining quad measurement.

Gilby said...

Way to go, Karla! King Kongsley rulz the skool!!!!

Velo Bella said...

after racing so well at Dville? What a renaissance woman!

alicat said...

She was on fire today. She followed moves, ovheard someone commenting on an attacker, "Oh, that move can stick", followed aforementioned attacker when she countered a later attack. The 2 of them stayed away for about half of the 50km race. The deal was sealed when 2 other girls from big teams tried to bridge, as no big teams were left to pull. They nearly lapped the pack. It was so fun to see, even from the sidelines (see my recent post for why I was there). Podium photos coming later this evening.

karla said...

Oh wow. I'm blushing like a true midwesterner. Golly gee.

Thanks Beth, and have fun killing it at Alpenrose!!

mhernandez said...

that's pretty bad ass.

hoorah from the west coast, yo.

TreBone said...

Go Karla Go!!!

lauren said...

go, go, go! that's super cool!