Sunday, July 13, 2008

friday night re-cap

friday night was really and quick healing to sabina, donna, and dorit. so so sorry.

after such a bad crash, i pretty much lost motivation to race.... i spent the night practicing some things i wanted to work on and get a good workout i jumped in almost every race.
-points race...tried working on passing in turn 3/4, but realized i started passing too late. so that was a good lesson. also got some good 500m practice by doing a two lap sprint. ouch. legs felt like shit after that, and couldn't work out the kinks in the warmup, i jumped in the--
-3/4 snowball. i just sat on wheels to get some tempo work in. my legs were still crampy from that long sprint for the first half the race, but loosened up by the end, so that was good.
-reverse win 'n out- this race just got my pissed, as we only had 5 people, so it was just a long track stand session. i got out first and won a free beer. thanks jen!
-1/2/3 reverse win 'n out- jumped in this one, considering our race was not a race...rode wheels the best i could, and prayed to jesus i didn't do anything to piss off the big boys. having an 84" gear is probably not adequate when riding with this group! yowee!!
-3/4 scratch race- only 5 laps. only four of us in the race. jumped one lap to go to lead out sprint and got passed by everyone in turn 3/4...but a good workout, nonetheless.
-1/2/3 miss 'n out- rode the neutral lap and then was the first one out, obviously.

well, no good results and lots of mistakes made...but some good stuff learned and got some good training in before portland. eeeeeek! so nervous!

here is my suicide move in the points race, with two to go. at least it made for a sweet picture! and i would like to point out to all how close i am to the black line. thank you mnorri for snapping this at during this time.

thank you jen for the beer! it was definitely worth it to lose!


CyclistRick said...

The crash took a lot out of many, both those racing and those in the stands. Ms. Chatterbox was so unnerved that she opted out of her Sat. morning ride.

Good job getting out and working on your own stuff. Lots of races left, good to stay safe, get the mental demons worked out, and work on your skills.

WarrenG said...

The beer was the best choice!

p.s. You're allowed to ride down to the edge of the blue. Black is just there for measurement.

Guanaco said...

Beth, it was so good seeing you on Saturday, you're great company and a wonderful conversationalist. Keep on riding you wild horse you!