Thursday, July 03, 2008

sorry about the serifs, back to quads

so i guess people didn't like my serif analysis. i will try to stick to what i do best. stupid research about stupid things, i will reserve for those lucky people who i interact with in person.

so, the quads are tired right now, but they are large. 62.5cm that is pretty good. i feel great about this season with a number like that... so even if i don't improve/grow any more, i'm okay with it and will mark '08 as successful.

so, i am kind of the weak link in my team. what team? you ask. team #5. [i think now they say we are going by the name "happy feet", which is pretty lame. i was pushing for "footloose" so i could make kevin bacon buttons, but i guess the middle-aged ladies didn't like that so much.] well, at work the boss boss is trying to make everyone healthier, so they started this pedometer challenge. and we have to walk around all day at work with these pedometers. and we are in teams and we clock our steps or mileage or whatever. and i am totally the weak link. you know what? i don't want to go for a walk at lunch! i don't want to walk the long way to the bathroom. i bike 15 miles here and 15 miles home and then more after sometimes. and i don't want to walk. so i look like that fat, lazy person on the team -- cause everyone else has two times as many steps as me. i hope no one actually cares on my team, cause i am begrudgingly a participant, because they are making us......... however, in all honesty, it is nice the bossman cares about people's health and is trying to make people exercise. i just don't want to exercise anymore.

speaking of work, so this week i found out one of my co-workers has the U.S 200m DASH RECORD for youth! she set it in 1984, when she was 14. and you know how fast she went? 23.10! HOLY CRAP! 23.10?! at 14?!?! i was totally blown away. i asked her if she ran in college, but she said she no. she said she was going to the olympic training center and stuff at that age, but she pulled her hamstring shortly thereafter and hung it up. for a little bit i was sad that she hung it up, cause, damn, with a time like that at 14, she could've been like marion jones or something....but i won't be cheesey and quote some prefontaine quote. she has a cool job and runs a track club out of castlemont high school in oakland for kids. pretty awesome. but, shit, 23.1. 14. whoa. makes me think (bike) track sprinting is pretty if the US ever really wanted to get some crazy fast sprinters, they should just start recruiting some track & field superstars from inner city high schools. i was always a mediocre (running) sprinter at best. if i have improved so much in a year, it is crazy to think how fast someone who is actually a real sprinter could do....whoa. someone development program should start recruiting elsewhere!


Garrett Lau said...

As much as I am interested in typography, I'd rather read about you on your blog.

BTW, in your June 18 blog entry, you said, "i hope i am always known as the messy hair girl with big quads." Well, I always think of your braided hair, not messy hair. I bring this up now because I just read in Brooke Miller's blog that she cut her hair short! She was the only other cyclist whom I always associate with braids.

Beth said...

good to know people like it when i am totally self absorbed and self indulgent. this does wonders for my attempts at self-improvement and generally trying to be a better person.

velogirl said...

you should bring your co-worker to the track and see what she can do.


Courtenay said...

i like your blog too.

anyways i just started my own form of quad measurement on my blog, but with a greater interest in the number decreasing than increasing. also thank you for the inspiration to call it a "quad measurement" rather than a "thigh" one - i hate that word. ew!