Wednesday, July 30, 2008

alicia's bout of confidence

alicia sent this to me wednesday afternoon. yeah, that pretty much sums up the wednesday night races.

i will write more tomorrow, promise.



alicat said...

i need to do some exploration on this comic site. this one is too funny.

you looked great last night and racing up makes you have to race a lot smarter. we're gonna try to hit all the tuesday night points races in august if you want to join us. my head and i need to have a heart to heart between now and then. in the meantime, next week is TRACK CAMP for me!

Anonymous said...

Karla impressed a throng of 45+ men by sitting in the men's 1-2 race, avoiding the Berry/Mcguire
bike acrobatics and finishing ahead of the men's Elite district Champ, after doing the W123race. This might just be the breakthrough that leads to sugardaddy sponsorship.

Jen + Dash said...

I wish I lived in a world where a day was a week long and not just 24 hours. I could get so much done!

are you going to the track this weekend?

Juicey said...

Hey Beth! Wish I had your regular email.... could you shoot me it when you get a chance? jennifer at