Sunday, November 23, 2008


just wanted to give a shout out to my friend evan. his project that he started this spring for youth speaks, a spoken word program for high schoolers, was just in the SF chronicle. check out the article.

evan did portraits of all the youth poets and these are displayed on street corners and in BART stations all over san francisco. moreover, under each portrait is a phone number -- and if you call the number there is a voice recording of that youth's poem.

check out his website for "somewhere in the advance of nowhere: youth, imagination, and transformation." here, you can see all of the portraits and listen to the audio. the location/street corners of the portraits is listed when you click on the smaller images. also, there is a description of the project.

a lot of you will be in SF this weekend, for the bike expo and the golden gate cross race-- so, if you have some free time, jot down a few of the locations of the murals and take a little city bike ride to see them in person. (there are about 4 in the 16th & mission bart station-- and a lot are in that neighborhood.) it will definitely be worth it. they are pretty amazing as you can see from the website, but more amazing in person. he is such an amazing artist.

thanks evan!

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