Friday, November 14, 2008

buy my pies!

yes, buy my pies! this is tomorrow at RTWC #3 at hellyer. high noon warmup. 2pm racing. pie buying, til they go.
  • 6x kentucky derby pies. (these are chocolate chip gooie goodness pies)
  • 1x pan of brownies (not as good as jen coler brownies, but i can't compete with the master)
today i wanted to test ride fancy bikes. i couldn't go test ride fancy bikes at a bike shop where they know me, cause, well, they know i can't afford a $5,000 bike. so, i had to find a hidden bike shop where they wouldn't know me.

i went to cyclepath in pleasanton. i chose this shop cause their website looked like it was a big shop with lots of bikes and there were some cervellos there. ooo la la. that is a pretty fancy bike to test ride for shits.

i don't know anyone in pleasanton and my guilt-level was fairly i didn't have a relationship with that shop. that, and i was a bit annoyed with pleaanton in general, cause i had to deal with a frustrating situation regarding valley care hospital which, let me just say, if you don't have health insurance, go to a different hospital.

so i go into cyclepath, and who works there other than dell from fremont bike club! see, my whole plan screwed. i met dell last summer when i went to do larry's sprints in fremont. we hadn't seen each other in awhile and he is helping another customer and i am waiting and he gives me a funny look and goes: "i know you, beth, right?" then the customer who he was helping goes: "beth bikes!?! i read your blog!" and then i got kind of embarrassed. and realized that even in pleasanton i cannot hide under the rug to test ride fancy bikes.

so, as i knew dell, i had to actually test ride bikes in my price range. that was okay. but, he did let me take the cervello out for a spin after i test rode bikes i could afford! and it was AWESOME. i thought about not coming back.... all i left in the shop was my wallet, cell phone, car keys, house keys, and bag. and those things all total less than $5,000-- so really, it would have been a win-win for me. except dell knew me. so, that wouldn't have been cool. maybe i should go out to lodi next time.

right as i was leaving for the cervello test ride, john from EMC2 who always kicks my ass at the track showed up. he is coming tomorrow and is going to kick my ass again. he didn't quite recognize me and i through him off, cause i was wearing a proman jersey they gave me when i rode with them at alpenrose....because, i figured if i was going to test ride a cervello, i needed to look super-official.... but then all these people at the shop knew i wasn't riding on that team, so then i ended up just feeling like a big poser.

moral of the story: even if you borrow fancy diamonds for a gala ball, people will recognize you as the mailman and ask you why you are at the gala ball and wearing some cheap cubic zirconium. to which you make a remark that don't believe in blood diamonds, then secretly feel bad because you are wearing blood diamonds.

right? it is exactly like that.

oh yeah, quads yesterday were 61.5cm.

anyway, buy my pies. they are baking now. peace.


Anonymous said...

Hey--I have two Cervelos that you can test ride any time you want.

See you at the track!

Emily said...

Beth: you rock.
Try Menlo Velo for your test riding shits and giggles. I got asshole treatment from them once and never liked them since. I would encourage people to take advantage of them when they can. Don't know if they have Cervelos though...

alicat said...

hot off the press: john is now officially a mint.