Sunday, January 13, 2008

welcome 2008!

happy new year, blah blah blah.

much apologies to be MIA for so long. returning to the bay is very difficult after having so much fun the buckeye state. midwesterners are very awesome.

2008 is going to be awesome as well. why? my grandma always said "what new years day is like is what the rest of the year is like."

2007 i had the worst january 1st of my life. i was so hungover january 1st, i was still hung over january 2nd and had to call off work. thus, my 2007 moto was: "2007: paying for mistakes of 2006." this proved to be very accurate. i had a terrible year: messed up teeth and 2 week liquid diet; stitches in the face; broken wrist; then, 3 months on jury duty for murder trial....and that was all before june! man, my roomates and i had a new years eve party in june cause we just wanted '07 to be over that bad!

however, things are looking up in 2008. why? january 1st was awesome. i got home at 3:30am that night; woke at 5am, looked at the water next to bed, and it looked so far away. i didn't think i could pick up my hand to reach it and drink it. i was worried that a terrible hangover would ensue. however, i persevered, drank my water, got up, refilled my water, and chugged two more glasses. then, i woke up at 9am feeling like a million bucks! my roommates did not bode so well. my friend betsy has a horse in livermore that she needed to train that day-- so she was gonna drive out later in the afternoon. i felt so good, i told her i'd bike out there to her farm if she'd drive me home... and that i did. and i even got to pet the horse! thus, i told my roommates that my new years moto was: "2008. feeling better than everyone else." they did not like this moto, thought i was being a bitch, and renamed it: "2008. stepping on the backs of everyone else."

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