Friday, January 25, 2008

some old pictures from LA

alicia recently sent me some of her pictures from our LA trip, so in the spirit of keeping all my bike adventures in one place, here they are:

this handy sign was in the rear windshield of karla's car. observe hanan's bike is upright now. several hours later, it nearly fell off the car. thankfully, we had lots of good karma on our side.

alicia said this is an excited face; i would say terrified

alicia is too cute.

don't pay attention to the saggy arm warmers, see how close i am to the black line!

those are some pimpin' white gloves.

despite a little slide down the banking and a dirty skinsuit...

alicia still zoomed the day away smiling a bunch.


Carol G said...

Will you be going to the Sat. track days with Mel's riding group? Maybe you can show me how to take of my pedals?

twinkiepatissier said...

ah! #333333, obscure gray...better. no more calendar event associations.