Monday, January 28, 2008

best bar in america

so i realize that the title of this blog is beth bikes; however, my ohio friends (who do not comment and, probably do not read), deserve some love. thus, this post: "best bar america", i.e. thursday's lounge.

if this bar was in san francisco or new york, it would fucking suck. it is cool cause it is in akron, ohio. only there will the hipsters, frat guys, harley davidson dudes, break dancers, and ravers all meet in harmony. 32 oz of beer for $3.50 (it used to be $2.50...), no cover, and a kickin' dj on thursday and saturday night... i actually hate dancing, except here. everyone goes ape shit. thank you to the love of my life dave pittman for introducing me to this place in the summer of '04. since then, i have gone every opportunity and have declared it: best bar in america.

this is my best friend amy who i always go with. she typically makes awesome faces like this while dancing. her cousin, paul is the other guy in the picture. he is the photographer of most of these pictures. and is pretty much the coolest guy ever. he actually lives in california too, but in santa maria.

here is my friend josh, who was the first guy i dated. we went out for a week....but, it didn't work out. nevertheless, he is the coolest guy to hang with, cause he is kinda looks like jesus. plus, he is the best hugger in america.

dancing gets really intense at thursdays. quite a good cardiovascular activity.

here is my beautiful best friend!

and her awesome cousin. he also kinda looks like jesus. drinking america's finest beer: great lakes brewery. they brew many fine beers, including: "burning river"--named after, of course, the cuyohoga river that caught on fire one day in the 70s.

the musical selection at thursdays is pretty awesome.

josh. definitely jesus-esque.

this eye brow move is really a winner. lick the finger tips and smooth 'em out.

this is me very happy, because i think about thursdays lounge all the time, and i am so happy to go there every christmas.

go team. it is nearly 3am, and we are ready to go.

but paul is not yet ready to go, and amy is trying to give him some sound advice to leave.

finally paul leaves, but instead decides to take photos of random things outside of kinkos.

miss amy sleeps in the car, awaiting her cousin, cause she has to get up at 7:30am to teach sunday school...and it is already 3am.

i cannot wait to go back to ohio to go to thursdays! (and see my mom and family....)



Your Family is also in Portland OR.

BTW, I saw this, and thought this was totally BADASS.

Plus the National Championship is in Oregon this year. I stil have my XX spikes. :)


GRR.... that URL, is about Winter Triathlon. Biking, Running, and XX Skiing on snowpack.

CyclistRick said...

Wow, you even have bikes on your bar hopping outfit! So, how many 32 ouncers do folks typically down on a night? And is the combination of beer and dancing good for enhancing the quad measurements?

Beth said...

big brother. if you do that winter triathlon, i will give you back your BEST SPANDEX EVER-- those navy blue insport spandex with thermal inside. i ran with them all through the winters of ohio and connecticut, and i bike with them in the sissy california winter. they are the best- but if you decide to snow run & xc might want them more. that is, if you could fit into them. :P

also big brother, i will try to get up a weekend this spring. also i am planning on coming up 5 days in july, 16-20?

cr- i do not opt for that special because the cup is too big and cumbersome to hold. beer and dancing is a great combo for quad growth. mostly because beer can make you do the impossible dance moves, and the next day your quads are feeling something. the run and kick off the wall is certainly a favorite of mine.

linebrake said...

wow, miss amy is one hard-core sunday school teacher!

chatterbox said...

who's the crazy girl with scrawny arms, big quads and funky tanlines? Looks like fun!

mhernandez said...

now that's a good time

TreBone said...


btw- I'm stealing the eyebrow move cuz it's HOT!

Grey said...

i just like that you wear the orange shoes everywhere.