Friday, January 18, 2008

a much long awaited quad update

so, in my blogging delinquency, i have not kept you quite up to date on things that keep you up on thursday nights: my quads. well, as you know, there hasn't been much action recently-- i've been chillin' steadily at 58.75 since sometime in october.

photo taken by carol on january 13, 2008 at 1pm

well, the last couple of weeks, i have had some different numbers.
december 27- 58.75 [review]
january 3- 59 cm
january 10- 58.5
january 17- 59cm
cause i only work in academia 1 day a week now, i don't quite get my fill of bullshit analysis. thus, here it is.
After months of stagnation, January marked a month of slight fluctuations in quad measurements. There are several possibilities to such non-linear variation. as observed over previous periods, quad growth (and shrinkage) is, at minimum, on a one week delay. that is, growth from one week to the next, is the result of the activities (i.e. heavy lifting, sprints, or dormancy) of the (at least) two prior weeks. Thus, increases in the week of January 3rd can be traced to the holiday spent in the Midwest. This holiday week marked a change in training for the study participant, as she often reverted to survival mode, sprinting away from chasing farm dogs, as well as a change in diet: heavy carb-on-carb dinners (as the only available food to vegetarians at family functions was potato salad, mashed potatoes, or salad dressed with mayonnaise). The week of January 10th, displays a significant drop of .5 cm. This could be the result of the study participants several long rides during the first week of January, as she had a few days off work, and whored around, catching a bunch of 50 year old men's wheels. However, January 17th marked an unexpected increase in quad size. This increase causes quite a conundrum to the author; however, it is possibly due to chasing her roommate up the Monticito hill on her way home from work (roommate in car, participant on bike). However, more weeks of measurements are needed to draw any conclusions about the fluctuations in quad size in the month of January 2008.


Kat said...

Brilliantly written.

(Sorry for lurking this long.)

twinkiepatissier said...

Why the Thanksgiving color scheme now?

my eyes go berzerk...

lauren said...

yes, i was wondering the same thing.

Cheflandria said...

you sure love orange!!!

Beth said...

much apologies about the new color scheme. after seeing angela's hot new set up, i wanted to try something new. but i guess turkey day colors weren't so appealing to my audience. how is this? orange & green, just like tangerine (i.e. my bike: orange frame, green bar tape) any suggestions m-coco? [or others, but i will trust her most, as she is quite fashion saavy.]

WarrenG said...

Beth, your personality is the opposite of dark, so a black background doesn't seem to fit. But I like the tangerine scheme.

-W (not fashion-savvy)

Cheflandria said...

it's actually a nice combination - orange and lime, delicious!

all kidding aside, it's the content that matters...:-)

twinkiepatissier said...

now i am thinking halloween.

but my sensitive eyes don't go toodooroo (ot as much), so, that's good.