Friday, November 02, 2007

surf city, a little behind the time

so i waited to write my blog entry cause i knew i wouldn't have anything come thursday when i had to measure my quads. just to get that depressing news out of the way, yes, i am tiny: 58.75cm.

surf city was a blast. the clinic on saturday was sweet. i pretty much got a one-on-one tutorial cause everyone else in my group had a year of cross races under their belt so they were ready for more "advanced things", and i didn't know how to do jack shit. carmen was awesome and i got totally sweet at that jumping off and on and moving the leg through, and had a great time utilizing my track 'n field skills jumping over barriers. (i was never a hurdler, but sometimes i would do workouts with the 400m hurdlers, cause i was a lonely 400m runner. i remembered their advice of counting my steps and did this when we did the double thingy, although i don't think it so much matters.)

if cyclocross was all just jumping on and off the bike, over shit, and up hills, i'd totally be schooling it. unfortunately, there is this whole element of riding your bike between that. it is a shame really cause i don't know how to ride my bike. yesterday in the shower i counted 32 black 'n blues. it always feels great when people tell you: "girl, he's really not worth it."

m-coco was sick on sunday for the race. i was very sad cause it is always fun yelling profanity at m-coco during races. she is a classy lady, even though i try to slander her. because of her absence, i could not wear my costume for the halloween parade; it would just have not made sense without her costume and (honestly) just be fucking disgusting. well, luckily, i learned some good lessons from my mom in ohio. "never leave home without a spare costume". tucked away i pulled out my ghostbusters costume from last year. i even had a spare and was kind enough to let grey wear the other one, cause he was a douchebag and didn't bring a costume. (ex-messengers, just too cool sometimes...)

here is me before the halloween ride, costume in tact!

here is me and grey after lap one. as you can see, i had already ripped a leg off my costume and broke my pack. that takes mad skill.

the costume race was certainly enough for me that day. it takes natural talent to fall during the costume race and nearly get lapped despite cutting the course twice. "aren't you doing the women's c race?" this was just a humorous question. as my mom also used to tell me: "if ya can't take the heat, get out the kitchen." and shit, man, i'm outta that kitchen.


twinkiepatissier said...

your quads are now Giro helmet size medium.

CyclistRick said...

hmmm, now I am curious about the original costume. I think you and twinkie should get together in the costumes then post pics.

As for the race, you could have shouldered the bike and ran the whole thing, but what's the fun of that?

Emily said...

I can make you feel better -- if I am measuring correctly, my quads are 47.5 cm! Is that possible? That's sadly teeny tiny in my book.

Glad you had fun at surf city!

chatterbox said...

uh yeah. I can sympathize. I did a decent job of riding my bike, but then not so hot on the on and off action. Did great running with the bike. We could have duked it out for which smooth pavement rider is worse on dirt! I hope twinkie will be feeling better for this weekend so you have someone to yell at.

Sacwheelgirl said...

No worries about your quads getting smaller... 'tis natural this time of year. They're just resting before they get even bigger next season!

Betsy said...

i have to count between jumps, only i don't do it and julie yells at me and says i'll crash if i don't count because my eye isn't good enough to judge the distances yet... maybe we can learn to count together.