Monday, August 09, 2010

someone tell me this is a typo!

in my spare time of perusing cycling news, i thought i would check out the NRC calendar. i saw that this race-- US10k-- is listed as the last women's NRC race.

someone please tell me-- is this US10k really a women's NRC race?! because i am hoping it is a typo and actually a men's NRC race.


i looked at the race flyer...

and it says the women's NRC race is:
-category 1/2/3/4
-10km long...
-$2000 payout.

while the men's non-NRC race is:
-category p/1/2
-$10,000 payout

that's gotta be a typo, right?

they wouldn't make a women's NRC race 6 miles long with category 4 riders.... i mean, the discrepency between the men and women's race is glaring enough, but considering it is a women's NRC race (and not a men's NRC race...)-- that is just insulting and outrageous.

i am hoping it is a typo. if anyone knows more, please comment! that is ridiculous!

9 comments: said...

It is not a typo, what you read is correct. Those distances have been that way for as long as I can remember - women 10k and men 100k.

Josh Boggs said...

Yep. That's the race. 6 miles, all out. Not a bad payout for a 6 mile race... said...

To follow up on what Josh said about the payout; I know several who like the distance and payout because they typically do well and it's their last race of the season.

sam said...

i don't know if it is a mistake or not, but it does seem a bit strange doesn't it. Have you contacted the NRC about it?

beth said...

a 6 mile race including category 4 riders, shouldn't impact overall NRC standings. that is just insulting. that would never happen for the final NRC men's race on the calendar!

beth said...

did you see the versus article today??

coincidence, i think not! i am feeding stories to "major" media.

Lyne said...

The race is now removed from the NRC Calendar.

I agree that it was unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Even out the pay and the distance. I'm a Masters level that trains with plenty of pro women who would kick my ass in a 100k race.

Ashley said...

hi beth,

the women's race was originally on the nrc calendar with $7500 in prize money. budget restrictions and other concerns were the reason for the race committee to drop the prize money and remove the race from the nrc calendar (which is USA Cycling's job to do officially on it's listing).

also, since it was no longer on the nrc calendar, it became a women's open event (as opposed to a 1/2 event)

in previous years, the prize list was $10,000/30 deep (with a 10k distance since it's inception).

The 10k applied for NRC status for both men's and women's events for 2010, and have been on the calendar since the nrc has been around. This year, the men's event was not put on the calendar by USAC because of the conflict with Tour of Missouri (which, as we all know, is not happening this year).

Also, the 10k Classic started out as a 10K run that has grown to include thousands of runners, a wheelchair race, inline skating, and the cycling components.

100% of the profits go to the World Children's Center.

Should the women's final NRC event be more than 10k long? Sure. But is that the 10k's fault for being the last race or is the management of the NRC calendar @ fault (which a new manager has come in and it looks like changes are being made)?

Beth, email me and we can talk more about women's cycling and growing it.