Thursday, August 12, 2010

alpenrose velodrome challenge

so i know i am very behind on my blog posting. it is a bit late to report on alpenrose, it seems. you can read my team blog post here -- where i talk a little bit about the racing.

other than that, i think i will just post some pictures and write some text in between....

this is me and m driving up. he was making try to use his telephone to look at the internet, but i find phones with internet very annoying, so thus my scowling face.

we get to the track on thursday and go for a little spin. we are so lucky to be staying with awesome folks, marcia and eric who cook us spaghetti! then we pick up brian from the airport.

friday morning i have the pursuit.

here is a picture of me all pursuit dorkage. but i am not wearing a funny hat. (but i do have one now, it just came in the mail!) i was very happy with my pursuit, except my awful start, where it pretty much looks like i did a standing start for the first time ever. 3, 2, 1. me sit back down wobble to the right, left, and then finally gain balance to stand up and move forward. it was pretty embarrassing. the video michael took of it is pretty laughable, especially his commentary: "c'mon, c'mon" willing me forward. later that night was the 500m. my start wasn't much better.

friday started the mass start events. thank god! look at all these LADIES! whoooo! this was the start of the scratch race!

here is me riding at some point during the race.

this is with 2 to go in the scratch race. someone has a good wheel! hehehe

and this is me on the podium! i guess i need to learn how to do the sexy leg shot! oops.

later that day, i had the honor of doing the team sprint with none other than mary glen carassco. ooooooo.

i made her go lap 2 because i didn't want her to drop me at the start!

my nieces came to do the kiddie kilo and rocked it!

my mom was also in town to watch! hi mom! (look i didn't even say a swear word that time!)

that was it for saturday -- short day! sunday started with some keirins.

here is me in the rep round.

this is the finish of the rep round. i won it believe it or not! it was the best keirin i had ever ridden!

then was the miss 'n out. my favorite race!

i spent a lot of time here.

and here. oh wait, that looks like the same spot, doesn't it? but that was all okay, because it landed me here for the final lap.

2nd, not so shabby!

it landed me on the podium again.

but this is a better podium shot. yeah, quads!

then i did a lot of this. it was getting hot.

but i have the best boyfriend ever who made me shade! mwah!

then i had the keirin final. this was me waiting with all the sprinter girls before they crushed me. my quads might be big, but their quads are definitely bigger.

that is okay: next up, points race. this wasn't a very good race for me. my head wasn't in it the first couple of sprints. i got in a few breaks that didn't go anywhere. then i got in the winning break, but we didn't lap quick enough for it to matter for me, as i needed more points from sprint laps, in addition to lapping point. oh well. still go 5th.

here is me off the front with kira for awhile

and this is the final breakaway of 5 in the race.

whew. then i was done. i ended up 4th in the overall omnium for the weekend! that got me some extra cash! and i got the "top hellyer" award, which got me more cash! who knew! it was an awesome race. oh wait, not done yet!

still had to watch the flying lap with my nieces and yell at all my friends!

and take a cute picture with them before i left.

and to the real MVP of the weekend: BRIAN PETERSON! for being the best teammate, mechanic, coach, friend, cheerer ever. we love you brian!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Beth - you DO have big quads!

Val said...

Yeah those PB ladies sure do have the podium pose down. We started out the week complete newbies but I think by FSA we had it down.

We have always taken our baby steps together, it started with the Keirin and now it's the podium. How cute!

Marian said...

Quads are fantastic, but Beth, look at your freaking arms/deltoids in that last picture! Nice work, by the way. :)