Tuesday, August 03, 2010

michael ball - he's back baby.

so i was pretty excited when i saw michael ball's name back on cycling news:
"ball could hold link to armstrong probe"
how cool is that?

the drama around michael ball continues. this time it is linked to his recruitment of tyler hamilton, tyler getting busted again for doping, and tyler's previous affiliation with lance armstrong.

where's my popcorn when i need it?

it is times like these that i really shake my head disparagingly at michael ball.

not only has the guy's team folded...
and his company struggling in the designer jean market...
but now he is also wrapped up in some fraud investigation...

all of these things could have been avoided if he had just followed my advice and made the keirin cut jeans!

if he shifted directions for R&R and started production on keirin cut jeans, all of the above would have been avoided:

...he would have avoided the market fallout for skinny jeans from all these people whose quads grew because their cocaine habits to keep their quads small got too costly in this economy. profits and continued cycling team.


...as a marketer of keirin cut, he never in a million years would have recruited 38cm quads tyler hamilton to his team, thus avoiding this federal investigation all together!

but stupid michael ball.

why was i never taken seriously?


Bill said...

WHAT??? Rock Racing has folded? But they are "Here to Stay"!!!!

petebill said...

I was more intrigued by the headline BALL could hold LINK to armstrong PROBE.. Seriously, who edits this crap?

Holly Roberts said...

Yeah the headline made me think that maybe some sick puppy preserved Armstrong's removed testicle for all these years.
Had Ball gone the Keirin cut jeans he'd totally still be in business. Beth, you need to email him and tell him so...

chr15 said...

^^^^ Yah! She said ball and testicle in the ssame comment!!! This blog is so going downhill :)

Like Holly says, email him, I'm thinking the keirin cut could just be his saviour... or do you really want that on your conscience?