Friday, May 14, 2010

weekend of team kits...from trash to class.

so this is a very special weekend for me.... not just because i get to race against all sorts of famous people, but because i get to wear my very own team kit! check me out--

saturday, scotts valley grand prix

very much anticipated, team bell lap's kits are in! designed my mattBB himself, they are pretty rad.

and tight.

and see through.

and our sweet flying bell logo sits on me like a push up bra.

i kinda look like a hoe.

don't tease me. i'm already self conscious about it.

sunday, sacramento grand prix

i'm sportin' cody's chamois in the super classy wells fargo kits. i say they are classy because they have gold lines on them, so that means class.

anyway, can't wait to get some pictures this weekend!

...and do the races.

(that was hopefully a given)

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