Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tour of california prep

the tour of california is coming up-- so you know what the means?

me harassing michael ball and rock racing?!

no. that was so 2009. that company is bankrupt, so it looks like they aren't going to making my keirin cut jeans. i tried to tell them it was a great business opportunity and that quad growth is eminent in hard economic times, as skinny girl cocaine is more expensive, but they didn't listen to me.

but, yes, 2009 ToC was very dear to my heart. i put in a really good effort to lobby michael ball to make my jeans. unfortunately, it did not work. if you'd like to get all nostalgic about when my blog was good, see below. it was a great campaign. unsuccessful, but great nonetheless:total bummer that never worked out. but i guess it doesn't matter so much anymore..... i am a total roadie now and my quads are smaller and i am not accepted in the cool fringe track rider circle anymore....... i know that cause every time i go down there all those trackies do is tell me i am skinny or call me roadie......this hurts my feelings, so i just call them fat and attack. (want to join our happy family?-- go to to start racing at hellyer park velodrome!)

anyway, 2010 ToC is very different than 2009 and 2008. you know why!?! cause i get to ride the sacramento grand prix with the wells fargo team! i am so excited!

the past two years, i have gone to santa rosa to watch the women's criterium, as part of the tour of california. i watched from the sidelines as a lowly cat 4 and admiring how cool the pro 1/2 women look in there matching kits and going so fast. it was so exciting!

when i started doing more road racing this year, i thought to myself: next year (in 2011) it'd be really cool to do that tour of california criterium.... never did i think i would do it this year! i am so excited to be racing with emily kachorek and cody graf for the race. i never thought i'd race this kind of race this year, so i am a bit star struck about the whole thing. eeek!

so, that's right-- i get to look all pro for the race and wear matching jersey and shorts! can you believe it? i can't! it is just so official! matching! i'm so excited!

now, i thought about my race goals a lot....and i decided i am going to take the junior's taylor's suggestion, that she told me at the apple pie criterium. that is: get on someone's wheel who is destined to get a photograph taken of her. in this case, that means get behind one of the famous pro riders. that would be a sweet picture. a pro rider, and me in a matching kit right behind her. what would be even cooler is if that picture got on cycling news. so long as i don't have a dopey looking face in it.

anyway, i am super excited to race the sacto grand prix and thanks a MILLION to the awesome wells fargo team for letting me tag along. i hope i don't suck!


velogirl said...

have a GREAT race, Beth! congratulations, good luck, and kick ass.

Sean Weide said...

Good luck at your race. I'll be watching.

Marian said...

You're going to totally rock that crit!