Friday, May 14, 2010

this post is special for garrett

in my comments, garrett said that the bag sizes in the picture all looked the same. that was true. i found that picture on the internet, so it shouldn't be trusted.

took some of my own pictures of some bike to work day bags. for some reason i tossed out 2005...and my 2010 bag is at work & it is even larger. so here we go:

2006: far left. my preferred size.

so if you put them side by side in this picture, they don't look terribly larger, but they are. i think the difference is really that the bag on the left has no depth to it, and the one on the right does.

anyway, nobody really cares about this, except garrett and me. that is why this post title is "this post is special for garrett." so apologies to those of you who were bored by this bag analysis. i'll write some real blog posts after the weekend.

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Garrett Lau said...

Interesting. Not only are the newer bags bigger, but they also have two straps. All of mine have one strap. Richard Masoner took this photo yesterday:

I guess the bags are different in each county.