Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what could i possibly have to say on a tuesday?

so i am writing this post for the mere reason to post this picture again.

it is just too amazing to slowly drift its way onto page two. i figured marymaroon gave mark this skinsuit. nope. he bought it.

patten was asking me an awful lot of personal questions yesterday.

it started off like this--
patten: beth, how tall are you?
beth: 5'5"
several laps later he asked this--

patten: beth, should i be concerned about your home life? are you having some domestic disputes? mark is observing the bruises on the back of my legs.
beth: no.
about fifteen minutes later, patton asked me again--
patten: beth, so how did you get all those bruises on your legs?
beth: i was being a fool on my commuter bike and jumped off/on when the pedals were flinging around.
no. patten doesn't stop there--
patten: so what size shoe do you wear?
beth: what is this? are you planning a makeover for me?
patten: yeah. you need more flare. i am all about flare.
i am sure there were some more personal questions in there.

readership, beware. if you find me on, i did not sign-up for membership! patten has a twisted joke planned, and i am onto it!


Flandria said...

ha ha ha! once again i can't stop laughing after reading your post...

silly stuff

twinkiepatissier said...

i want a bruise pic.

um... again, is it flare or flair?

Jen said...

I told you not to fuck with Jesus!

chr15 tree said...

Maybe he's gonna start impersonating you???