Thursday, May 22, 2008

toast and other things

that is pretty much how i feel this week.

all i want to do is sleep.

today i took a ten minute nap on the toilet in the bathroom stall at work.

why did i just share that piece of information?

in other news, i saw the baby and mommy ducks again at the port. there were lots more. must have been a goose birthday party. there was one goose that was the ugly one. it kinda was furry like a koala bear.

tomorrow i am going to the track with karla and kieran. friday night fun! in fact, karla is getting my bike shortly, cause i will be meeting them off 880 by kieran's work. kieran was very nice and gave me an alternate way to get there via road bike, so i don't have to go up scary hegenberger. i biked up hegenberger a couple of months ago to get the colisieum BART, and practically got hit by a semi going 50mph. i thought i was accidentally getting on the freeway, cause there was this overpass to get onto san leandro blvd that looked like a freeway on-ramp and all the semis were going SO FAST...and after almost getting hit by this truck, i jumped onto the 1 foot sidewalk on the bridge overpass with my bike and wimpered for a few minutes, before i tried scurrying down this baby sidewalk on the overpass with my bike in my cleats. it was a pretty pathetic site. so i haven't been back on hegenberger since with my bike--and praise jesus kieran showed me some secret bike path to get to where we are meeting.

as for this leg wrestling thing on friday night..... ?!?!

i once had my track & field team have a leg wrestling tournament at a pasta dinner before a meet. i lost to this girl jenna on my team-- but, that was to be expected cause she was like first place in div3 nationals for a couple years in a row in the 55m dash and ran like a 24sec 200m. then she stopped running track to join/makeout with the women's rugby team. but i digress. i don't expect that my leg wrestling skills are really up-to-par. leg wrestling is big on the hamstrings. and my hamstrings are pretty weak sauce since i started biking. when i ran, i think my hamstrings were okay. the last time i ran was around christmas two years ago. i am happy to see i stuck to my guns and haven't run since that awful day. anyway, leg wrestling is really a hamstring don't expect much out of me. that, and my quads are puny, at 60.0cm still.....

if you need some instructions on leg wrestling, it goes like this:

step 1: two people lie on ground next to each other, with their heads facing opposite directions. their hips should line up.

step 2: two people should touch hips and lock arms to hold each other in place. (picture below is incorrect arm form)

step 3: the counting begins. "ONE"-- each person kicks right leg up to vertical position, then lowers it.

step 4: repeat step 3. except say "TWO" instead of "ONE". these two steps are critical because it allows the participants to stretch before the wrestling begins, so no one pulls a hammie.

step 5: repeat step 3/4, except say "THREE." this time, participants link legs and pull with all their might until one person flips over. the person who gets flipped over loses, obviously.

if there are bets going, don't bet on me. i don't want to be responsible for lost cash.


karla said...

oh, leg wrestling is great. Although I suck surprisingly at it. It's embarrassing. But I'm in if it's going down tomorrow!

Giovanni said...

did you use TP as a pillow ?

...whatever... I'm so betting on you in all leg wrestling scenarios.

see you tonight @ the track.

CyclistRick said...

I preferred to make out with the women's volleyball team rather than the rugby team; I could probably beat the VBallers in leg wrestling, but the rugby ladies would take me easily.

See you tonight!

Kevin Collier said...

I started (and quickly stopped) leg wrestling about six months ago. On like my third match I got beat so badly I did a backwards sumersault and really hurt my neck.

It was not my toughest moment.