Thursday, August 09, 2007

quad update & wed night racing

so upon my return from wed night race, i did my weekly quad measurement. 60.75cm that is up a quarter of a it looks like I may be leveling out.

This is a picture of my quad that Michiko so graciously took on August 6, 2007 just before the Timpani crit. It appears I am now .25 centimeters larger. sweet.

Wednesday Night Racing!

Fun things about this Wednesday included:
-My friend from Philly is in town and got to see me race the track! That was cool cause the last time she saw me race track, I was running around it.
-Angela's first Wednesday - she totally rocked it and was great in the pack.
-A ton of women showed-- that was exciting! There were some really fast women too, so that was pretty exciting to be able to race against them.

Chariot Race. Mike Hernandez was nice enough to hold me and give me mega monster pushes. Too bad they weren't enough to get me to the finish line first. My first chariot race I had a pretty bad start and didn't start picking up speed til the all felt quite reminiscent of my 400 meter days...which I try to forget as best as possible. Despite sucking royally on my first one, I luckily got 3rd which was enough to get me to the finals. This was much better- I had a better start, but hesitated on my speed which cost me. I came around Julie at the end, but don't know if I passed her or not. I think I may have gotten 5th or 6th?

Win 'n Out. I had my head so far up my ass in this one, I didn't even realize the race was over. That is pretty bad. I should have attacked, cause the pace wasn't fast on this and we were all bunched up...and then I just was really crappy at positioning myself. I have no clue what place I got cause I apparently didn't know when we were done. Poor showing.

The great thing about track, though, is when you fuck up, you have another race to redeem yourself. No waiting for next week or next month when there might be a race close enough to get to--just go around that warm-up circle a couple of times. How cool!

Tempo. All was better in this race cause I knew I had to be more aggressive. After all, being lazy and hanging on fast people's wheels only gives you a good draft. I hung back the first couple of laps, knowing people who get points early usually don't win. Then I stayed in the front for a couple. Then I sprinted for 2nd, then I attacked early to get a 1st, then I sprinted again for a 2nd. I think I got 4 points this race, which was much better, and I had a decent finish on the last lap. Don't know what place I got, but it was good to make some moves. Makes things much more fun.

Miss n Out. I just love this race. We were eliminating every other lap. I again got to play the gunner from the back and kept nipping people off. At first this was fine, then it got hard. When it got hard, I thought maybe I should take a better position up front, but this didn't happen for one reason or another, and I think it was for the best because I kept getting people out who were fast cause they got boxed. We were down to 4 people---I should have gunned it really early, like just around the first curve. But I didn't, so I came in 4th. But, that was a good showing for me-- it was a pretty good field.

All in all, I was pretty happy with today, minus that Win 'n Out. I doubt I placed in the omnium, but glad I got some points-- it was a really strong field today and I hung in for the most part. Could have been a bit smarter today, but I could have also remembered to use my chamois cream today...but instead I am wincing in pain when I pee. Anyway, too much information. Going to Salt Lake City this weekend for a friend's i will sadly be missing Thursday night at the track and the fun weekend festivities at the track- but another day.

Oh man, i need to go to bed!


twinkiepatissier said...

Another healthy growth of 2.5mm...don't be disappointed! You had way too many races last week and didn't give them enough rest, which could be the reason. Let them grow in SLC.

Flandria said...


had a great time but really feel the gear difference...yeooow!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

what a rockstar.

the miss-n-out was a great race to watch, very exciting. you like riding at the back and playing the devil just because it makes you a crowd favorite!!!

but, it's hard work. and that group was FAST last nite. Mary Ellen has won p1/2 crits this year and is a very good pro level mtb'er.

what company to have in your race!

yay - now go have some rest and recovery in the land of mormons and 3% beer.

see you at the track when you get back.

jAndy donka-donk said...

5) Beth Newell 6 pts

is that you?

if so then you didn't do as bad as you thought.....

twinkiepatissier said...

i am starting to see numbers in the 50-60's range on other blogs. you need to set the protocol.

since you are so pro at this, please do a post on this.

WarrenG said...

Learning as you go. At least you are. Good placings in a good field. Bask in the glory!

Maybe Nivea creme next time. If that doesn't work, something with a picture of a baby on the label might be the ticket.

And join a team with a good clothing sponsor. :-)

velogirl said...

have fun in SL,UT! I can only imagine how fun that wedding reception will be!

hey, we need your input!!! where do we measure?

Velo Bella said...

we'll miss you tonight!