Saturday, August 04, 2007

saturday sprint tourny!

went down to hellyer with alicia and a tent. the tent was an awesome addition and made it much better than last time being in the sun. alicia was awesome too, obviously.

200TT went okay. I think I did better getting up to speed--but i still don't think i am going as fast as i can on these. my time was pretty much the same as my last sprint tourny time, 14.1. I noticed i was hitting my knees to my chest during the sprint. and keith told me that i had a really wide and low stance on my handlebars - looking like i was going to kill someone. if i am not that fast, maybe i can at least scare people into letting me win.

Match Sprint #1 - Loss. (you will see a lot of that word) It was a 3-up versus Keith and this fast dude named Thor. (yeah.) Keith came up to me beforehand to tell me our strategy versus Thor, cause he was way faster than us. He was going to try and pin him on the wall, and he wanted me to sprint late from behind. Well, this didn't work out cause Keith couldn't pin him, Thor popped out on the curve, and I was back. This wasn't upsetting cause I knew I'd get my ass whooped-- on to the round robin!

Match Sprint #2 - Loss. It was me and Alicia this time - and man, she is damn good at those tactics. We were going so slow I thought I might fall off my bike. She was pinning me up against the wall and I was not good at getting myself out of that situation. I wanted to practice coming around-- so I didn't want to jump first, but I got myself pinned and then she jumped and I lagged so much and was way off her wheel and had a huge gap. I made up some of it, but not enough. I definitely raced crappily in this one!

Match Sprint #3 - Win! It was me and some guy who raced out for Santa Clara college. I knew I needed to jump early cause I was sucking so bad. We went up and down the track a couple of times. I jumped more on the early side, backed off a tiny bit, the cranked it up again when I knew he'd be coming around. I held him off for this one for the win. Then on the warm-up/cool-down circle he told me this is the first time he rode his bike in 4 months. Doh. So maybe that only counts for 1/2 a win.

Match Sprint #4 - Loss. This was another 3-up and I got my ass whooped and missed the jump yet again. Not much more to say other than my jump SUCKS.

Match Sprint #5- Loss (but just by a little). We didn't really have any rest. This was against Maurice who I sprinted with in #4- he won the 3-up. He had a good jump and was lots faster than me, so I knew I had to go early. I also knew he was tired and has asthma, so that made me decide to jump even earlier. (haha, just kidding about that asthma comment) anyway, i went really early....we're talking the 200 line on lap 1. i figured i'd just whoop my ass by doing a 500. (cause i've had a really lazy week with racing on wednesday and thursday). anyway, i came to the "finish" thinking, "shit, a whole nother lap!" after the first lap. the second lap i was hurting, but trying to hold it. coming off the last curve he started coming around, i tried to go faster. it was really close, but he had me. at least it was my last one for the day.

(now i am wondering, did i do 6 match sprints, not 5? i may have missed one... oof - it is all a blur) well, i best be going to sleep, considering i need to be up tomorrow morning to race, again...i'm an idiot. i figured why not top off this week with timpani?! 4 races, 5 days. that is a great idea. the 880 is becoming my new best friend.


twinkiepatissier said...

not just your quads, but your boobies are growing, too?!

Anonymous said...

i don't believe the santa clara guy for one minute. neither should you!

CyclistRick said...

Your rest seems to have been sufficient; you were great at Timpani! Good to see you there, and loved the sponsor tag. Sure your neighbor loved the publicity :-)

Perhaps I will make the track races one night to become fodder. One more Sat. session to go, first.