Sunday, April 29, 2007

dear men on bart (excuse the rant)

dear 50-55 year old men on bart:
  • no, i am not interested. i am in my biking clothes and the last thing on my mind is you. more on my mind is what goodies or bars are shoved in the pocket of my jersey.
  • no, your bribes won't work. i do not want free bart tickets or free passes to 24 hour fitness as bribes to go on a date with you.
  • let me point out the obvious, I WAS IN KINDERGARTEN WHEN YOU WERE MY AGE.
  • the following exchange doesn't make things better (and to readers: yes, this same exchange happened by two different people on two different days on BART this weekend!)
you: how old are you?
me: 25.
you: wow you look young for your age.
me: sorry i am so old and not good enough for your creepy pedophilia fantasies. (no, i didn't really say that, i just thought it)
  • don't touch me. i know i have strong legs! i bike over a hundred miles a week. i don't need you to point out the obvious or for you to touch my quad muscles. that is creepy!
  • no, i do not want to show your slow ass how to ride a bike. (especially you that had a hybrid!)
  • newsflash: bike clothes are unattractive. weird polyester and padded butts and spandex are not flattering.

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