Thursday, April 12, 2007

roller success!

Although my cast is now long off, I have still been riding the rollers at least once a week so I can improve my balance. I have graduated from having someone hold my handlebars, to sitting in the doorway with my arm leaning against the door frame, to riding 20 minutes straight without any support! I am so happy! I have now been working on getting my rpms up, and I can now stay pretty high and look down the hall way. It is cool to see how my pedaling has gotten so much smoother and my how my balance has improved.

My roomates have been really nice, chatting with me while I am doing something that looks so ridiculous, and putting up with that awful whirling noise. They also help me get off when I scream: "AMY!" or "LILY!" and am stranded in the doorway.

Anyway, today was a good day -- I feel like I have really accomplished something... even if it is just figuring out some stupid stationary exercise trainer!

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