Wednesday, May 09, 2007

pimp my ride

My bike is totally bling blingin'. So much so that on Tuesday Larry asked me if my bike was new. If you aren't the fastest kid on the block, it is important to at least look like hot shit.

This weekend, I did the bike scrub down and used some Meguiar's car wax, and then finished her off with some Meguiar's detailer. I rubbed in circular motions until my bike was as shiny as my T-zone.

I think it is really important to pimp my ride, preferably all in orange.

  • Tires: I need to get new tires in the fall. I was just checking out Vredestein's website, and saw that I can get the tires I currently have (fortezza tricomp) in all orange (not just orange sidewall!).
  • Match that with some Cinelli orange bar tape - and damn - I'll be the hottest orange thing on the road! Good thing I wear orange as much as possible, as well.

My friend Michiko offered some great suggestions of how I can further pimp my ride. She greatly understands the need to look hot-t-t on the bike. That is why she has a beautiful steel red bicycle, has a red helmet, and wears red to match her bike. She takes it a step further and cheers for other people wearing red ("go team red") when on the road. (This is good for camaraderie, I feel.) She offered the following suggestions of how I can further pimp my ride.

How does one choose a team to join? Color coordination of team jersey's seem to be one of the most important elements. Certain kits clash my orange bike. Having an orange bike is difficult for team kit matching. A white, black, or grey bike would have left me more team options. But, black bikes don't look as fast as orange bikes, and when you aren't fast, it is at least nice to look fast. Michiko found me a couple of team options. (Any other suggestions are appreciated.)

Some believe that time spent pimping my ride (or time spent thinking about pimping my ride) could be better spent training. Maybe. But to those people I ask the question: what good it is to be fast on the road if you and your bike don't look like hot shit? Touche.

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